A Question of Vibration

The other Saturday, having visited the bank, I was followed home.

Not content with tracking me back to my house, the person in question then decided to move in with me and proceeded to shadow my every action closely, both day and night.

I wasn’t aware of this happening, you understand. At least not at first. But, as my mood changed to an uncharacteristic depression and my mental and physical energy levels sank ever lower, and as I caught glimpses of a gentleman watching me in various rooms from the corner of my eye, it became apparent that I had acquired an unseen ‘guest’.

A couple of weeks after that first connection had unknowingly been made in the bank, I therefore decided to tune in clairvoyantly to find out what the heck was happening around me spiritually.

Ahhh... now I see you!

...Almost immediately upon flicking that ‘switch’ that allows me to alter the frequency of my consciousness in order to see and hear a completely different set of wavelengths psychically, it became apparent that, standing next to me, there was a troubled looking gentleman wearing an overcoat and hat, and holding a shopping bag.

He appeared to be somewhat confused, and began to talk to me about his family. He told me they lived in Worsthorne, near Burnley in Lancashire, mentioned the names of his children, said he was worried about his wife, gave other details about his life, and couldn’t seem to understand why he was unable to make people aware of him or why, having been out shopping, he had been waiting to be served in the bank for such a long time.

As I listened to this man a second visitor appeared to the other side of me. I could tell by this spirit’s high vibration that he was a guiding influence and had come to collect the man in the overcoat. ‘He’s always wanted to ride in the back of a limousine,’ the spirit explained to me, and, in the blink of an eye, he changed his outfit into that of a chauffeur. A very grand, long, black limousine then appeared behind him, and I was tasked with making the man who had followed me home from the bank aware of the second man, the limousine, and the offer of a free ride in the back of it for him, as he wasn’t at this stage aware of any of these things.

It took a while to penetrate my visitor’s confused thought patterns, but suddenly he noticed the limo and its ‘chauffeur’ holding one of the rear doors open for him, and eagerly got into the car with a smile on his face. The spirit shut the door, climbed into the driving seat, there was a burst of brilliant white light, and ‘car’, ‘chauffeur’ and unseen guest promptly disappeared.

The above is a recurring theme - variations on which have happened around me numerous times over the years while working as a medium. You see, there are great many souls who, not having believed in any kind of life after death whilst on Earth, and therefore not having investigated or opened themselves up to the possibility of an afterlife in any way, find themselves, upon physical death, locked into the ‘fog’ and confusion of their own thoughts, preventing themselves from relocating to the place where they are supposed to go to in the afterlife. Having stumbled upon me (usually by design rather than by accident) they then recognise that they are able to talk to me and that I am able to see them, and subsequently a ‘rescue mission’ is set up to relocate them to the higher side of life.

As always, Joseph can explain why this should happen far better than I can:

‘We have to enter the individual zones that souls put around themselves because many souls trap themselves within the expectation that life continues as it is even after physical death; or there are souls who find themselves linked to traumatic events to such an extent that those events replay around them.

‘You must remember that each of you is a god, each of you is part of God and each of you is (to a lesser or a greater extent, dependent on your experience) capable of creating around you your own reality. So there are those souls who, unconsciously and on the point of transition, continue to create reality to such an extent that higher souls cannot reach them because they are using a similar energy to that inherent in the Field on Earth to extend their experience of physical life.

‘In such circumstances it is felt that someone who is on the Earth is better able to reach those souls than someone of a higher vibration. It is very difficult for souls of a higher vibration to penetrate these individual realities and make themselves seen and interact with the souls who have created these bubbles of continuous individual-reality. Someone who is in an earthly body can penetrate more easily (particularly in sleep-state) one of these bubbles, because the vibration of the Field that they are in and the vibration of the bubble that the trapped soul has placed itself in are very similar.


'So the trapped soul can see this person entering their dream, entering their reality and talking to them, and then higher beings and more illuminated souls can transmit information to the rescue soul (who is still incarnate on Earth) to persuade the soul that has trapped itself in a bubble of continued individual-reality to drop its barriers and to let go of the continuance of the illusion that it has placed itself in. Then, when the barrier is down, the soul is received into the buffer zone and the process that happens for most souls can happen to it.

‘It is a question of vibration, and a soul that is still in a physical body can more easily reach a soul who may have made the transition but is still within a reality-bubble that is close in vibration to the vibration of the physical Field.’

The moral here? That we really, really owe it to ourselves, if we wish to create for ourselves a smooth transition into the higher dimensions of being, to not only consider and contemplate life after death, but to actively prepare ourselves for it by investigating it and opening our consciousness up to its possibilities and realities.

...Unless, of course, we prefer the option of standing unseen in a bank, or a shopping centre, or someone’s house, or wherever, for what could prove to be quite a long, long time...

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

For nearly 40 years trance medium Michael G. Reccia has served as a conduit for spiritual insights and communication from higher vibrations of reality. In 2005, he forged a connection with Joseph, a discarnate spokesperson for a vast group soul of evolved and concerned spirits intent on delivering a vital and urgent message to mankind. From that time onwards Michael and fellow Band of Light members, Tony, Jane, and David, have dedicated their lives to accurately receiving, recording and compiling Joseph’s messages into a series of eight powerful volumes known as The Joseph Communications. Michael regards the delivery and promotion of The Joseph Communications as his life ‘mission', and a pivotal contribution to the elevation of individual and global spiritual consciousness.