A Smile Costs Nothing


An essential part of our regular Sunday morning routine is ‘the walk’. If the British summer allows and our snorkels and weatherproofs look like they will hold up we set off soon after breakfast, striding up the main road and eventually reaching and passing through the next two villages. We then cross over by the boundary sign and return via the other side of the street. We do this with buoyant spirits, discussing life, the universe and everything as usual along the way, and pausing only to say ‘Good Morning’ to those we meet during our excursion.

And it is here that we sometimes run into difficulties.

Take the other Sunday as an example…

At an early juncture in the proceedings, we smiled brightly and made direct eye contact a number of times with a lady in her forties who encountered us when rounding a corner into our path.

She looked directly at us (we continued to smile) then straight through us (still smiling at this point), then looked away (smiles aching a bit and not quite so bright by now).

Next a passing cyclist was the target of our cheery expressions and upturned lips.

Despite looking in our direction at head height (if his eyesight was so bad he couldn’t actually see us or our smiles he had no business actually being on the road) he pedalled straight past us without any form of acknowledgement.

Indeed, it seemed as though every fellow we hailed on that walk that day either blasted us with an icy stare or a dismissive look or pretended that we weren’t there. Actual verbal ‘Good Mornings’ were also launched from us at intervals, and these must obviously have dissipated on the air before reaching the ears of those they were intended for, as the sound waves emanating from our lips had no effect whatsoever on the passers-by they were intended for and elicited zero responses from them..

…and this lack of simple interaction with other human beings started to turn our mood.

What had begun as a bright, brisk and beautiful walk in the sunshine began to cloud over in our minds.

After all, this was a Sunday, wasn’t it? A pause for thought day and an opportunity to behave in an outgoing and civilised manner towards others? It wasn’t as though we were doing anything offensive in reaching out to people in this most elementary of ways…

When we had almost reached the house on our return leg, actually quite miserable by this juncture and just slightly despairing of human nature, we came across an older man trimming his hedges. He beamed at us as we approached him, locked his kindly, twinkling eyes on ours, opened proceedings by commenting on the weather, then stopped what he was doing to chat with us for five minutes or so, boosting our spirits with his joie de vivre, sense of humour and bright approach to his task and to us.

The positive energies he enfolded us in spiritually served to instantly reverse our outlook, reinvigorating us, chasing away the effects of our previous negative encounters and causing us to arrive back home feeling happy and energised.

…Have you noticed how a great many people these days are becoming increasingly isolated and unwilling to reach out to others?

How they avoid any kind of interaction when they meet you in the street, looking down or away or past but never at you? What a great pity this is. In avoiding human contact we lose out on so much that is beneficial to both parties, as interaction with other human beings is not only immensely satisfying but an essential part of recognising, acknowledging and reaffirming our spiritual connection with all things.

You see, in truth everything we encounter on our Sunday walk (and everything you encounter on a daily basis) is connected to us – the people we meet, the road beneath our feet, the trees and flowers in the hedgerows and gardens, the birds wheeling above us and the animal life quietly observing us. We are all aspects of the same core Source and we are all traveling a similar and inevitable path – one which will eventually take us back to dimensions of higher vibration where the norm is to walk that road of spiritual progression as groups of like-minded souls, individual yet united in purpose, able to draw in harmony on the richness of the experiences of thousands and millions of lives, now shared with and accessible to all for the benefit and upliftment of ourselves and our traveling companions.

Here is Joseph on the subject of our interconnectedness, referring to the skewed Field of human consciousness we all exist within and are influenced by whilst on earth:

I am separate from people, you may say, I am OK. I don’t care about anyone else. In not caring about anyone else you do not care for yourself because you are everyone else.

‘There is only you – the you that exists around this planet as millions of souls. Only you!

‘You think that you are separate from other aspects of yourself because of the illusion of the Field, because of the dream.’

And here’s a further observation by Joseph on the effectiveness and importance, from a spiritual point of view, of our ‘Good Mornings’ to someone and of all the other seemingly inconsequential interactions with others that happen to us every day…

‘You alter the story of the people around you by saying, ‘Good morning’. You alter the story of the people around you by going into a shop and buying something from someone because you have altered the perception of that person for that day. You have been included in their life-story for that day …and you have to understand that when you bring Light into yourself you infuse Light into their day as well. Maybe (if anyone is having difficulty with this) that is a better way to understand it. You alter everyone’s day simply by being a presence in that day within that story. So, if you are taking Light and God-harmony with you, you alter the day of any person you connect with and interact with by bringing God-harmony into it. And, if there are enough instances of God-harmony within enough days then that God- harmony becomes a force that people have to examine because it occurs and emerges so often within their days.’

As the old adage goes, a smile costs nothing.

A ‘Good Morning’ offered freely from that well of infinitely-replenishing positive energies we possess within us and which can be drawn on daily to benefit ourselves and those we meet is hardly going to bankrupt us and, in the spiritual scheme of things, is an excellent way to examine and appreciate the delightful interplay with others that will become increasingly important and relevant as we move on into the spiritual spheres.

A final few words from Joseph to bring the subject into sharp focus:

‘When you are encountering someone else, look at them from the point of view of them being you and you being them. So how can you harm them? How can you hurt them? How can you say anything about them? How can you upset them in any way? How can you feel less than them or more than them …bigger than them …smaller than them? You are them – they are you.’

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

For nearly 40 years trance medium Michael G. Reccia has served as a conduit for spiritual insights and communication from higher vibrations of reality. In 2005, he forged a connection with Joseph, a discarnate spokesperson for a vast group soul of evolved and concerned spirits intent on delivering a vital and urgent message to mankind. From that time onwards Michael and fellow Band of Light members, Tony, Jane, and David, have dedicated their lives to accurately receiving, recording and compiling Joseph’s messages into a series of eight powerful volumes known as The Joseph Communications. Michael regards the delivery and promotion of The Joseph Communications as his life ‘mission', and a pivotal contribution to the elevation of individual and global spiritual consciousness.