Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Field?

The Field is a term Joseph uses to describe the conscious field of thought-energy we, as spirits on Earth, generate, are surrounded by and live within. Every second of our lives we project our thoughts and beliefs as to the nature of reality into this energy field.

The Field is actually created and maintained by us, but we have lost sight of this fact. As a result of us forgetting this, which is in itself as a result of the Fall, the Field is not operating as it was originally intended to. It was supposed to serve us, but at the moment we, in effect, serve it. It exhibits, and seeks to perpetuate in us, a negative charge and outlook, and, because of this and its disconnection from God-Light, the Field is maintaining itself and us via a finite and dwindling amount of energy.

The Field in its present state, and therefore also we as human beings existing within it, cannot last much longer. Joseph urges us to re-energise the Field with the Divine-Light we each hold within, and, by doing so, to transform it and take control of it once again for the betterment and continuance of mankind and of the planet.

What is the Fall?

The Fall is a term Joseph applies to a complex decision and action taken by ‘angelic children’ millions of years ago which resulted in a cataclysmic change in vibration that plunged the Earth into a darkness we and the planet are still suffering from and feeling the effects of. This change in vibration separated us in conscious thought from our God-heritage and resulted in the negative, violent, power-hungry world and society we currently live in.

The Fall is a vast and fascinating subject, covered in great detail in the the fourth book in The Joseph Communications series, the Fall, which chronicles exactly what happened at the time this event took place and the consequences of it having done so.

What is mediumship?

Since each medium has a unique set of abilities when it comes to connecting with other planes of spiritual consciousness, the umbrella term 'mediumship' can include many different skills and talents. This section briefly explains what mediumship means in terms of Michael’s personal experience of his gift.

Michael’s mediumistic gifts developed initially as the ability to see non-corporeal spirits (clairvoyance) and to also hear them (clairaudience). The first book in The Joseph Communications series - Revelation - was delivered by Joseph utilising these two abilities. Michael would see Joseph draw near, hear the words he was speaking and repeat them into a recorder for the Band of Light to transcribe. Although communication via the Joseph-Michael link was acknowledged by Joseph's soul group as an extremely efficient means of delivering spiritual knowledge, this type of connection with its ‘receiving and passing on' of information reduced the amount of time during which Michael could bring through messages from Joseph during any one session and Joseph had so much more he wanted to convey whilst Michael had the energy to work with him. Therefore, with Michael's consent, huge changes to the delivery method were made.

In 2008, during communication sessions for chapters one and two of Joseph's second book, Illumination, Michael’s connection with Joseph developed into something much deeper. From that point, up to and including the present, Michael has been able to hand over the use of his mind and body to Joseph completely for a period of between forty minutes to an hour and a half, allowing Joseph to transmit much more information and to deliver his messages by directly interacting with the other members of the Band of Light. To allow this to take place Michael is taken into a trance state. For the duration of a trance session he has no awareness of what is happening in the room and is unable to influence his physical mind and body.

The books contain much more detail on Michael’s experiences with Joseph. Additional information on this topic in particular can be found in both Illumination and Many Voices, One Mission.

Can I participate in an audience with Joseph?

Twelve public trance demonstrations were held between 2009-2011 in locations around the UK and Ireland, offering members of the audience the opportunity to directly ask Joseph questions relating to spiritual topics. Although trance mediumship is dangerous, in that any noise or disturbance occurring during a session can harm the medium and terminate the communication, it was felt by Joseph that it was necessary for him to initially appear ‘in public’ to validate the authenticity of his communications.

'It is set out that my involvement with rooms full of people will stimulate interest in the message. It is amusing to me to become a ‘celebrity’ but necessary – it is felt that there should be a personality that exudes strength and common sense and puts into perspective many of the attempts to bring through something meaningful from the higher spheres.'

– Joseph, Illumination- Chapter 15.

The questions and answers from these twelve demonstrations were subsequently gathered together to form Joseph’s fifth book, the double-sized Trance Mission. Subsequent communications have been received and recorded in traditional ‘closed’, controlled conditions by the Band of Light. This ensures Joseph is able to deliver the maximum amount of information during each session before the spiritual energy levels generated and vital for each communication dissipate and force him to separate from Michael, and to also ensure Michael’s safety and recovery from the rigours of trance.

Michael regularly writes articles and holds ‘events’ to assist people with examining and exploring The Joseph Communications and integrating their message into their lives. He no longer conducts private sessions, however, and there are no plans for further public trance demonstrations at this time.

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What is meditation and why is it so important?

As you imagine, you create, and meditation could be described as ‘imagining or daydreaming with a positive attitude’ – it is as simple as that. In his books, Joseph takes readers on beautiful and powerful guided meditations and gives all the instruction they need to successfully and safely meditate and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

'It is necessary in the early stages of meditation for your physical mind to have something to do other than attack you and so the meditations in my books are designed to give the physical mind something to do so that sneakily you can connect with your God whilst the mind is unaware of that. Remember that you are an infinite being and that when you connect to the God within you are bringing through Infinity and that Light that you are sending out is going to a hundred, a thousand different points – decided upon by your soul and by the God-within.'

- Joseph.

Joseph's meditations provide readers with the means to heal and transform today’s negative conditions by channeling God-Light both into their own lives and into the collective consciousness of humankind.

How can I help?

First of all, thank you for your interest. We are humbled by the amount of support we are offered and receive on a daily basis to assist us in sharing Joseph’s messages around the world.

Secondly, we wish to thank you for the help you’ve already given. You have read one or more of Joseph’s books, and by doing so, you’ve made a huge contribution towards helping every soul on Earth to reconnect with who they really are and to understand the reasons for their being here.

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