Audience with Joseph

Public Trance Demonstrations

Twelve public trance demonstrations were held between 2009-11 in locations in the UK and Ireland, offering members of the audience the opportunity to directly ask Joseph questions relating to spiritual topics. Although trance mediumship is dangerous, in that any noise and disturbance occurring during a session can harm the medium and terminate the communication, it was felt by Joseph that it was necessary for him to initially appear ‘in public’ to validate the authenticity of his communications.

Joseph: ‘It is set out that my involvement with rooms full of people will stimulate interest in the message. It is amusing to me to become a ‘celebrity’ but necessary – it is felt that there should be a personality that exudes strength and common sense and puts into perspective many of the attempts to bring through something meaningful from the higher spheres.’

The questions and answers from these twelve demonstrations were subsequently gathered together to form Joseph’s fifth book – Trance Mission. Subsequent communications have been received and recorded in traditional ‘closed’, controlled conditions by the Band of Light to ensure that Joseph is able to deliver the maximum amount of information during each session before the spiritual energy levels generated and vital for each communication dissipate and force him to separate from Michael, and to also ensure Michael’s safety and recovery from the rigours of trance.