The Band of Light





The Band of Light is a core group of four people responsible for making available the Joseph Communications, a series of highly acclaimed, spiritual books ‘authored’ by Joseph – a highly evolved discarnate spirit who is deeply concerned about mankind and the future of our planet.

Written in direct, concise language, and offering a spiritual rather than a religious perspective, the Communications have been compiled over the past eleven years as a series of six books (a seventh is in progress) via the trance mediumship of Michael G. Reccia.

‘Band of Light’ is the title Joseph gave to the group, which publishes and distributes the Communications worldwide as hard copy paperbacks, ebooks and audio books.

The Communications are currently available in English, Spanish and Dutch, with further translations planned.

All revenue is put back into publishing, advertising, promotion and worldwide distribution. No monies from sales are taken personally by any member of the Band of Light.

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