Death is Not a Bad Word


We advertise in a wide variety of magazines as part of our ongoing imperative to make people aware of the existence of the The Joseph Communications  books. Particularly effective are those periodicals published specifically for readers aged fifty and over – possibly because people of a certain age who have not previously been active spiritual seekers find they have a growing compulsion to investigate life after death at a time when they are increasingly aware that there are fewer days on earth in front for them than there are behind.

Occasionally (Bear with me… I’ll tie the two strands together presently. Promise.) we come up against what can only be described as ‘spiritual prejudice’. Years ago, for example, an insurance company refused to cover me because I was a medium, and I vividly remember the sneer on the face of the girl behind the counter as she told me this. More recently – last week, in fact, as I write – a magazine (that shall remain nameless) had happily accepted a Band of Light advertisement when suddenly, at the eleventh hour, they refused to feature it, stating in their email:

‘ Unfortunately, this is not something we can take. I have just spoken to our team and as we have our own bookshop launching today, this would conflict with this. Thanks for thinking of (Name) Magazine, but unfortunately, we just cannot take it! ‘

Note the exclamation mark.

Do I believe they were launching their own bookshop? Not for a second. What I do believe is that they panicked and decided our ad was inappropriate for their readership. And why would this be? Because it featured a book whose title included the ‘D’ word… and we wouldn’t want to upset anyone, now would we?

Unfortunately the ‘D’ word is something a great many people avoid in the western world, as though by not mentioning it it will somehow go away; it will never happen. Yet each of us is travelling down that same one-way street of life with the sign marked ‘exit’ at the end of it. And not one person in the history of our planet has managed to sidestep this process.

Here’s Joseph on avoiding the subject of death, taken from Illumination :

‘I want you, the reader, to face up to something; to admit something; to realise something …to realise that one day you will not be here on this physical plane – and even that is wrapping things up to soften the blow.

‘One day, Dear Reader, you are going to die.

‘So many individuals in your world, on your planet, feel that they will be the ones to escape the natural course of things; they will be the ones who will live forever; they will be the ones who will not get old, who will not become ill, who will not die. I have news for you:

‘Each of you is going to die .

‘You spend, in western civilisation, a great deal of your time denying that; avoiding that; pushing forwards in your lives as though you will always be here so you must always accumulate wealth, you must always secure for yourselves dwellings for the future and security for the future.

‘What future?

‘Let us strip things down to the basics: your existence here can be compared to the existence of the mayfly that lives for a day and then is no more. It is a sobering thought isn’t it, and it is a frightening thought for you in the western world that you are going to die. Many cultures around your planet do accept this and prepare for it but you don’t.

Ghost Town

‘And so, in attacking people verbally or mentally, in carrying grudges, in perpetuating arguments – you do not realise that one day you will have to leave these things behind and take the consequences of how you have acted onto another level of existence.

‘What point is there in fighting over land that is not yours? What point is there in trying to accumulate as much wealth as you can when that wealth remains on a physical plane but you do not?

'What point is there in hating someone when all you take with you to your next stage of existence is the hatred and the effects of that hatred – effects that you have to work out of your system as a spirit before you can move onwards?

‘If you faced up to the fact that you are not a physical being but a spiritual being; if you faced up to the fact that one day you will not be here, then you would live your lives differently. You would appreciate the people around you because you would be aware of the fact that one day they will not be with you on a physical plane; that today is important because you may not have a tomorrow and today is the day when you should get your life in order. It is no use saying, 'I can live as I want to now and then sort things out as I grow older.' It is no use saying, 'The priest can absolve me so that I can go to Heaven spotless.' You will not go to Heaven – Heaven is a moving target; Heaven is a progression; Heaven is a state of mind and a state of being.

‘And no one can absolve you from the ways in which you have abused yourself and misused people but you.’

Strong words – but ones that need to be made available to a great many people who sweep the inevitability of their transition under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist and that their actions and attitudes whilst here on Earth don’t have metaphysical consequences.


I’m always deeply saddened when an opportunity to present a spiritual perspective on death is lost because an examination of this vast subject from such a viewpoint reveals not oblivion but a glorious continuation and expansion of life… reveals that the ‘undiscovered country’ is nothing to be feared and that, instead, a journey through wondrous inner and outer landscapes that are increasingly filled with Light and bliss and harmony and love is what actually awaits…

... Now then, in light of the above, magazine without a name – don’t you feel a bit silly and just a little embarrassed by denying your readers the opportunity to discover the existence of Your Life After Death  and to exercise their free will and decide for themselves whether they want to read it?

… Sit on the naughty step immediately and repeat after me one thousand times:

Death is  not a bad word.’

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

For nearly 40 years trance medium Michael G. Reccia has served as a conduit for spiritual insights and communication from higher vibrations of reality. In 2005, he forged a connection with Joseph, a discarnate spokesperson for a vast group soul of evolved and concerned spirits intent on delivering a vital and urgent message to mankind. From that time onwards Michael and fellow Band of Light members, Tony, Jane, and David, have dedicated their lives to accurately receiving, recording and compiling Joseph’s messages into a series of eight powerful volumes known as The Joseph Communications. Michael regards the delivery and promotion of The Joseph Communications as his life ‘mission', and a pivotal contribution to the elevation of individual and global spiritual consciousness.