It’s All Up To You


As readers are quite rightly concerned with other matters over the Christmas period I decided I’d combine December and January’s blogs and publish them once the holidays were over. This, then, is a ‘blog of two halves’, the first of which concerns a visitor we found on our doorstep one frosty morning just after Christmas.

Literally half frozen, it wasn’t at all certain that the small, bright green caterpillar was even still alive. However we carefully picked him (her?) up and took him inside. Having thawed out on a piece of kitchen towel he began to wiggle, so we popped him into a plastic container with some drops of water and pieces of lettuce and watched him slowly revive to the point where he began to eat.

Nicknamed ‘Billy’, our small guest is still with us at the end of January, and has surprised us with a voracious appetite that has as its favourites carrot, potato and apple. Recently a somewhat larger Billy was relocated to a new plastic ‘apartment’ that includes an upright twig should he decide to shin up it and pupate. We’re not certain what the future holds for him, but what is  certain is that at present he is probably the most cosseted caterpillar in the world.

Why all this care and attention lavished on a tiny creature that we could just have easily have left to die? Indeed, why do Jane and I follow a lifestyle that sees us picking up worms that have wandered onto the road and putting them back into the soil? Why, though I’m not at all fond of the critters, do we also pop the occasional slug that wanders into the kitchen onto a piece of paper then deposit it in the field at the back of the house rather than squishing it or harming it in any way?

Well, spiritual investigation over the years has revealed that all things matter, that all life is important and a part of us and that we need to approach it with responsibility and respect. Here’s Joseph’s take on the subject, responding to the question Do animals contribute to the positivity of the Field  (of collective human consciousness on Earth) asked at a public trance demonstration:

‘Poor, poor, poor animals! Poor animals …and yet blessed animals because they do not have the complexities of the human mind to deal with. It is far easier for animals to pass over than it is for many human souls to pass over.

‘Animals – any thing - contributes to the Field. ...A blade of grass can contribute to the Field if it evokes a feeling of Love in you, and will also respond to that Love, as animals respond to that Love, and give it out. So, yes, they contribute to the Field, but it is a contribution that is of such a pure vibration that it cannot be picked up by most of mankind.

‘And they find themselves in a world that is violent towards them, that does not recognise them as equals. Consider what I said earlier: everything in this room is God, so, in God’s eyes, are you more or less important than the chair in front of you? Are you more or less important than the carpet under your feet? If you are all the same thing, how can you divide that same thing into degrees of importance? You cannot!

God loves the whole of His Creation equally. Unfortunately, the attitude of many people towards animals is that they are lesser beings ...they can see angels, they can see elementals, they know when you are ill and need comfort, they know when you are lonely, they know when you need that companionship ….and they are lesser beings?

‘Again, this is personal (because we have our personal views - as we progress we retain our personal views. That is one of the joys of meeting other people and sharing different aspects of how you view Creation) - my personal view is that we should be kinder to animals, we should respond to them with Love. And you may say: Well, animals attack each other - one animal attacks another for food. This is correct but it is to do with the Field. They also are influenced by the Field and there is an illusion in the Field that power is needed, that an intake of heavy matter is needed, so the animals to some extent are polluted by the Field as you are. But they are blameless, they cannot go back to the spirit world and say, I did this and I did that and I am sorry for it. All they can say is, What a relief I am back! I have been influenced by the Field and I no longer am.

‘We need to be kinder to all aspects of Creation, and if you are - and not just to animals but the chair I mentioned and the carpet I mentioned - those things will respond back to you because they are alive, they are part of God. Pray when you get in the car, pray when you turn on the television - mundane things - pray over the food, respond to the Love within those objects and they will bring Love back to you.’

The second half of this double-length blog concerns the New Year... not all of it, of course, just the first half hour or so. Usually on New Year’s Eve we watch TV then go to bed at the normal time, only to be wakened at midnight by around thirty minutes of fireworks. As the sky lights up and sound ricochets off buildings I usually rant for a bit, wait for things to calm down, then go back to sleep, as does Jane (Without the ranting. That’s my job. And I’m very good at it.). Why don’t we celebrate? Because, examining life from a spiritual perspective, you can’t help but view the bangers and the booze and the bellowing as nothing more than a bit of seriously misplaced bravado...


...Isn’t it true that If you have a problem at a minute to midnight on New Year’s Eve you will still have that problem at a minute past midnight? If the world has been violent and power-seeking and inhumane in 2016, what makes it a different place after the chimes that bring in the New Year have died away?

What exactly  are we celebrating? Unless there’s change, aren’t we raising our glasses to more of the same? And change begins with us. Here’s Joseph:

‘There is only one way to change this world and that is to actually do something spiritually. Each of you is capable of changing this Earth because you can hold the whole Earth in front of you in your meditation and pour Light into it. These are the two choices you have:

Do something.

Or do nothing and the Earth will die.

‘My message to you is that you cannot leave the changing of the world to other people; you cannot say, It is nothing to do with me. It is everything to do with you!

‘The truth is this: whatever you believe singly and as a civilisation you create - the fruits of your imagination go out into the ether and become reality. You have to think in a different way if you truly wish to change this world.

‘Each person has to take the view that it is up to them to change things. If you believe it is up to the politicians you are wrong! If you believe it is up to the clergyman you are wrong! If you believe it is up to local councils, or police, or solicitors, or judges you are wrong! Society changes with you.

‘The problem with your world at the moment is that it is repeating the same pattern. You acquire more technology, better ways to destroy each other but you are basically who you were thousands of years ago. Can that be right? Your world has to change. You have to change.

‘You change society first of all by changing yourself.

‘What we are trying to bring to humanity is an understanding that the Field is able to be manipulated by the individual, that no prayer is wasted, that no striving for Light is a nonsense - because every thought has equal creative power and every thought manifests.

‘If you want this world to change, you – and no-one else – have to change it and the change begins with the dream.

Sending out the Light is the one truth that changes things - it is not dependent on religion; it is not dependent on complex creeds …but it is dependent on your time.


‘As a human being you contain within you all the building blocks you need to create whatever you want to create - to build a different society, to heal society, to heal yourself, to bring yourself to new frontiers of knowledge, to change the face of this Earth. All that potential is contained within you.

‘Things cannot continue in your world as they are. You are still killing each other; you are strangling the planet, and you are ignoring your spirituality – your Source. You are ‘dreamers’ and you don’t know it. You are tied into the dream to the extent that you have forgotten your heritage.

I want to change the world, therefore I have to change.

I cannot expect the world to change unless I change first.

I cannot rely on the negativity that I see around me to sustain me in pursuit of the God-within and the glories without. I have to create them myself.

‘It is such a simple message but such a difficult message for people to take on board at this time. They are used to the Field being negative; they are used to their lives being lived out in a certain way, to themselves decaying and to their energies degrading.

There is only one way. It starts with each of us and we have to pour into the Field more positivity, more Light. So, if you adopt a positive attitude that goes into the Field when you are working at something else, when you are in bed sleeping, when you are eating, when you are watching the television. That positivity goes out because you have built it into yourself, you have changed your vibration, you have changed the emanations from your soul, and then you become a worker for the Light and you put a blindfold on as to how the Earth appears to be.’

Believe me, we’re not killjoys. I truly look forward to a time when there will be something worth celebrating at midnight on New Year’s Eve. When we can stay up, ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at the fireworks and know that things have finally changed for the better. But that involves hard work, the infusion of Light into this world and the dreaming and instigation of a better dream.

In short, a Happy New Year only begins when we, each of us, decides to work daily from our spiritual core to make it exactly that.

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

For nearly 40 years trance medium Michael G. Reccia has served as a conduit for spiritual insights and communication from higher vibrations of reality. In 2005, he forged a connection with Joseph, a discarnate spokesperson for a vast group soul of evolved and concerned spirits intent on delivering a vital and urgent message to mankind. From that time onwards Michael and fellow Band of Light members, Tony, Jane, and David, have dedicated their lives to accurately receiving, recording and compiling Joseph’s messages into a series of eight powerful volumes known as The Joseph Communications. Michael regards the delivery and promotion of The Joseph Communications as his life ‘mission', and a pivotal contribution to the elevation of individual and global spiritual consciousness.