Joseph's meditations

Simple, yet highly effective personal meditations using visualisation techniques are an important part of Joseph’s Communications, providing readers with the means to channel God-Light both into their own lives and into the collective consciousness of mankind, to heal and to transform today’s negative conditions…

Joseph: ‘Remember to meditate each day, to give some time for God… and please don’t say: “I don’t have time!” How can you not have time for yourself? How can you not have time to bring into your life the joy that you constantly say you are missing? How can you not find time to bring into your life the healing, the health that you say that you are constantly missing, the harmony that you say you are constantly missing? If you strive to find it only on a physical level you will come up short. If you strive to find it on a physical level but are bringing into your physical experiences the Light of God, then you will find the peace and the love and the bliss and the direction and the comfort and the support that you are looking for.’

As you imagine, you create, and meditation could be described as ‘imagining with a positive attitude’ – it is as simple as that, with Joseph in his books taking readers on beautiful and powerful guided meditations and giving all the instruction they need to successfully and safely meditate and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Joseph: ‘It is necessary in the early stages of meditation for your physical mind to have something to do other than attack you and so the meditations in my books are designed to give the physical mind something to do so that sneakily you can connect with your God whilst the mind is unaware of that.

Remember that you are an infinite being and that when you connect to the God within you are bringing through Infinity and that Light that you are sending out is going to a hundred, a thousand different points – decided upon by your soul and by the God-within.’


Light as a ‘weapon’ that harms no-one and heals everyone:

Meditation excerpt from Illumination:

Joseph: ‘Conventional weapons will never solve the problems of the world. I wish to introduce you to a different weapon; to a weapon that does change your life, will change your world. That weapon is Light.

‘You have to learn as individuals and as nations and groups how to use God-Light because Light can be directed. The nature of God-Light is to cleanse on the lower levels of vibration. And within that higher vibration of God-Light no evil, no negativity, no violence, no perversion can exist. Light purges from people (when properly used) the negative vibrations that they have accumulated during their lifetimes.

‘How do you use Light as a weapon? You will need to use your imagination. In order to create you first need to visualise. You visualise and you then bring into being that which you have visualised. You need to use that capacity in order to wield the “weapon” of Light.’