Joseph's terminology

The terms ‘the Field’ and ‘the Fall’ are referred to throughout The Joseph Communications. Here’s a brief explanation of what they mean:

The Field: When referring to ‘the Field’ Joseph is describing the conscious field of thought-energy we, as spirits on Earth, are surrounded by and live within. Every second of our lives we project our thoughts and beliefs as to the nature of reality into this energy field. The Field is actually created and maintained by us, but we have lost sight of this fact. As a result of us forgetting this, which is in itself as a result of ‘the Fall’ (see below), the Field is not operating as it was originally intended to. It was supposed to serve us, but at the moment we, in effect, serve it. It exhibits, and seeks to perpetuate in us, a negative charge and outlook, and, because of this and its disconnection from God-Light, is maintaining itself and us via a finite and dwindling amount of energy. The Field in its present state, and therefore also we as human beings existing within it, cannot last much longer. Joseph urges us to re-energise the Field with God-Light and, by doing so, to transform it and take control of it once again for the betterment and continuance of mankind and of the planet.

The Fall …is a term that Joseph applies to a complex decision and action taken by ‘angelic children’ millions of years ago which resulted in a cataclysmic change in vibration that plunged the Earth into a darkness we and the planet are still suffering from and feeling the effects of. This change in vibration separated us in conscious thought from our God-heritage and resulted in the negative, violent, power-hungry world and society we currently live in. The Fall is a vast and fascinating subject, covered in detail in The Joseph Communications book of the same name, which chronicles exactly what happened at the time this event took place and the consequences of it having done so.