Reflections of Yourself


Jane and myself recently spent a few days in Durham, a bustling, compact, pretty city boasting an awe-inspiring cathedral and a castle with a long and colourful history. It was the former that held a particular fascination for Jane, with us visiting this imposing edifice no less than four times during our short stay. Within the cathedral, as in other such architectural wonders we have visited, Jane was eager to study the stonework and the carvings and the works of art, whilst I found myself people-watching instead (I know I shouldn’t, I just can’t help myself).

During one of our cathedral visits I noticed a young woman kneeling in fervent prayer with eyes closed and hands tightly clasped together. It was moving to see someone so young approaching a God she so obviously believed in in such a traditional way, and it was obvious that there was an urgent supplication and quiet desperation behind her prayers. On a second occasion an elderly gentleman walked in, quietly knelt in the pew in front of mine, bowed his head to touch his hands and quickly communed with his God before rising and leaving. Again, my impression was that there was some urgent need he wished Divinity to attend to or a serious problem he hoped would be solved as a result of his prayers.

As one might reasonably expect by the description on the tin, churches can be excellent places in which to consider communication with the Divine... not so much because they are decked out and labelled as ‘God’s house’ but rather because of the stillness and silence one can find within them, and also because of their ability to divorce the human consciousness from the outside world for a time. Indeed, In times past, as a young man and a then-practicing catholic, I would often in times of trouble (and, Lo! there were many, quoth he, looking back with some amusement) find myself in a church somewhere desperately seeking solace and solutions to challenges it seemed only Higher intervention could resolve.

Older now and hopefully (please, God!) a tad wiser, I have learnt that communication with the All can take place at any time, day or night, and in any location - all you need is a little inner space and silence and a shift in consciousness from your head to your spiritual centre. You don’t have to be in a church, you simply need to visit the church within - that point of Light at your centre within which you discover you are not only capable of talking to God, but that you are a part of - one with - God, able to bring perspective and insight into any situation that requires guidance and clarity...

Here’s Joseph on the subject, offering a means, through his short meditation, of helping us connect with and receive answers from the God-within:

‘...We have to go back to the principle, to the reality, of you having two minds. You have a mind in your head that is influenced by the Field. You have a mind in your heart that is influenced by your soul and your connection to God. Therefore, in praying to God and requiring a result - requiring guidance - you need to think not from the head but from the heart.

‘You need to make an agreement with yourself that each day you will spend a few minutes thinking from the heart-mind.

‘How do you do that? You do that by retreating from the head-mind, by switching off the effects of the head-mind. You will sit, you will become quiet, you will ask for protection from God and your mind will be crowded with a million-and-one things and sights and sounds and sensations. And you will then see yourself retreating from those sights and sounds and sensations and taking a path - perhaps taking a path through a golden cornfield that leads you gently down to an oasis, or a well that is perfectly still. And behind you, as you have walked down that field, is your physical mind getting fainter and fainter – you cannot hear the sounds, you cannot see the sights, you cannot feel the sensations or the demands. You can only, only see this beautiful, still pool of Light, and, under a perfect blue sky and surrounded by the golden corn, you sit down at the edge of this perfect, vast, deep, still water.

‘And you look into it and you know that you are now contacting God from your heart. And then you ask, ‘Father, am I right?’ and look into the pool and see the reflection of yourself and look into your eyes and the answer will be there: yes or no.


‘Do I need to modify my plan - yes or no?

‘Do I need to work with You today - yes or no?

‘Are the feelings that I have while I am not operating from the heart-mind true or false? Are they there or not? Are they illusion or heart-truth?’

‘And do not expect instant answers but expect to have to go to that well, to that pond, on a daily basis whenever there is something troubling you, whenever you need an answer, because you will always get an answer once you are used to tuning-in. And you will either see that answer in your reflection or you will sit there on the edge of that pond with your eyes closed in your imagination and you will hear your own voice say yes or no, or you will feel yourself say yes or no. You will feel it - not just say it, not just think it - but feel it!

‘And, you will become used to contacting you; to making friends with you; to operating from the centre, from the source. And the promptings of the heart-mind apply in all areas of life: in business, in relationships, in healing, in having peace of mind, in knowing how to work spiritually.

‘The heart-mind answers all.’

I wish I could have volunteered to the young woman and the older gentleman observed in Durham’s great cathedral the perspective that their God is always with them, present within them in a far more dynamic form than in any church they will ever visit, and that the God they seek outside of themselves is not an individual to be approached on bended knee but, rather, a living, integral, vital, loving force at their centre  that a two way ‘conversation’ can be held with at any time, and in any place...

I do not decry for a moment the contemplative, focusing value of visiting a church to pray. I simply know as a result of decades of working and seeking spiritually that each of us has a personal and permanent connection to the Divine - and that in order to regularly obtain the guidance, strength and clear vision we all need on this journey we simply need to spend a little time daily visiting that magnificent cathedral that lies at our spiritual heart.

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

For nearly 40 years trance medium Michael G. Reccia has served as a conduit for spiritual insights and communication from higher vibrations of reality. In 2005, he forged a connection with Joseph, a discarnate spokesperson for a vast group soul of evolved and concerned spirits intent on delivering a vital and urgent message to mankind. From that time onwards Michael and fellow Band of Light members, Tony, Jane, and David, have dedicated their lives to accurately receiving, recording and compiling Joseph’s messages into a series of eight powerful volumes known as The Joseph Communications. Michael regards the delivery and promotion of The Joseph Communications as his life ‘mission', and a pivotal contribution to the elevation of individual and global spiritual consciousness.