What Readers Are Saying...

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These books have filled in a lot of gaps in my understanding about life and society - things that didn't make sense until I read the books. It is a huge relief to me that we are encouraged not to reincarnate. Very inspirational and exactly what I needed to read.

Sharmila B.

Everything that Joseph says seems so logical and makes so much sense - I feel that I am on the right path at long last and it is all down to Joseph’s books.

Eddie B.

Joseph’s messages are quantum levels above any other source of Light that I have encountered. I have tried his suggestions to ‘Use the Light’ and ‘Put Light into everything we do'. And I have found out that IT WORKS. Real problems are just evaporating from my life. Daily events are working out beautifully. I have energy that I do not know where it comes from.

Michael B.

The Joseph Communications are a fascinating insight and a point of view I had never heard before. Anyone interested in spiritual growth will enjoy the Joseph books.

Sandra L. B.

I feel such a relief in the sense that a) so much about the world’s brokenness makes sense to me now and b) Joseph is giving us tools and guidance as to how to lay down so many burdens and resist the Field, and how to change and help others and evolve ourselves and the world by sending out love and Light.

Andrea C.