The Joseph Communications  is a series of eight internationally-acclaimed spiritual books 'authored' by Joseph, a discarnate spokesperson for a highly-evolved 'group soul' from a higher vibration of reality, through the trance mediumship of Michael G. Reccia.

Written in contemporary, concise, no-nonsense language, and offering a spiritual rather than a religious perspective, The Joseph Communications  provide invaluable insights that speak to the heart; exploring and explaining our spiritual origins in detail, re-igniting our dormant capabilities, and explaining how each of us can create positive change and growth for ourselves, for the good of all souls on Earth, and for the planet itself.

The Joseph Communications  comprise, in publication order:

RevelationIllumination | Your Life After Death | the Fall

 Trance Mission | From Here To Infinity | Many Voices One Mission | the Spaces Between

cover of 'Revelation' by Michael G. Reccia

Who You Are, Why You're Here

Revelation  offers a completely different way of looking at and living your life, providing detailed insights into the amazing potential and capabilities of the human spirit and a simple, effective plan for changing the future of the planet in a harmonious and positive way.

cover of 'Illumination' by Michael G. Reccia

Change Yourself, Change the World

At a time when society has never been so angry, materialistic and self-obsessed, Illumination gives you the means to make a difference, reveals that what you believe you create, and demonstrates that the better, peaceful, harmonious world you long for is actually attainablefor yourself, your children and for every single soul on this planet.

cover of 'Your Life After Death' by Michael G. Reccia

Your Life After Death is arguably the most comprehensive account ever written of just what lies ahead for each of us when we leave the Earth and our physical bodies behind. Delivered by Joseph, who has lived in an enlightened vibration of reality ‘beyond the veil’ for thousands of years and has experienced and moved through the spheres he describes in detail in the book, Your Life After Death has proved to be a source of comfort, inspiration and peace for many thousands of readers worldwide.

cover of 'the Fall' by Michael G. Reccia

You Were There, It's Why You're Here

In the FallJoseph reveals that there is so much more to you than you presently imagine, and that for countless ages humankind has unknowingly carried suppressed memories of the cataclysmic happening that resulted in the dysfunctional societies and wounded planet humankind has inherited today. This startling, landmark volume seeks to access every aspect of those ‘submerged’ memories and reactivate them with reassuring, illuminating knowledge, recounting the background, events and after-effects of the Fall, and in the process unfolding the astonishing story of your personal origins and evolution.

cover of 'Trance Mission' by Michael G. Reccia

Enlightening. Informing. A Record of Joseph in Public.

Trance Mission is a complete annotated transcription of Joseph’s detailed and insightful answers to over 150 audience questions put to him at twelve public trance demonstrations. On every page he offers a refreshingly no-nonsense approach to spirituality and a vital blueprint for gently navigating humanity and our world through today’s personal and planetary crises into a lasting state of peace, harmony, and spiritual understanding.

cover of 'From Here To Infinity' by Michael G. Reccia

Whether you are a metaphysical seeker already familiar with The Joseph Communications or simply an advanced thinker wishing to learn more about the unseen vibrations and intentions that interpenetrate and influence our interpretation of ‘reality’, From Here To Infinity is set to bring you spiritual liberation, to reveal and explore in detail your spiritual pathway to the ultimate destination and to also reunite you, via that knowledge, with your true potential, empowering you to make a real difference in this world by - literally - illuminating yourself, those around you, and the physical and mental landscapes you are currently travelling through.

cover of 'Many Voices, One Mission' by Michael G. Reccia and R. Jane Kneen

Group Soul Wisdom From the Joseph Perspective

Joseph’s seventh book allows other key members of his soul group to take centre stage. Commenting on and explaining a wealth of topics including the afterlife, self-help, spiritual healing and guidance, Many Voices, One Mission serves as an inspiring stand-alone volume and also as an essential companion to The Joseph Communications series, offering readers wisdom, comfort and support, a profound and compassionate understanding of the human condition from a spiritual viewpoint, and dynamic, Light-infused perspectives with which to transform our lives and this increasingly materialistic and isolating age.

cover of 'the Spaces Between' by Michael G. Reccia

Unseen Forces That Shape Your Life

In the eighth book of The Joseph Communications series - the Spaces Betweeneverything that Joseph has revealed thus far in his seven preceding books culminates in a detailed and eye-opening reintroduction to specific spiritual lifeforms that influence you and co-exist with you unseen. Open this book and you open your consciousness to a powerful greater reality that can no longer be ignored if we are to acknowledge and reinstate our core spiritual heritage.