From Here To Infinity

by Michael G. Reccia

Transform your perspective, your life, your world.  

…In this, the sixth book in the acclaimed Communications series, the highly evolved spirit Joseph, representing the elevated viewpoint of the group soul he belongs to, addresses such hugely significant earthly paradigms as Time, Space, Infinity, and the nature of the Divine.

Seeking to clarify and demystify these and other archetypes from a spiritual perspective, Joseph also reveals the phenomenal power for positive change each of us possesses and is capable of using, successive chapters explaining how we can transform and elevate our inner and outer worlds and infuse our lives and the matrix of the entire planet with the highest expression of Light energy.

Whether you are a metaphysical seeker already familiar with The Joseph Communications, or an advanced thinker wishing to learn more about the unseen vibrations and intentions that interpenetrate and influence our interpretation of ‘reality’, this volume is set to offer you spiritual liberation and to reunite you with your true spiritual potential, empowering you to make a real difference in this world by – literally – illuminating yourself, those around you, and the physical landscape you are currently a part of.

Table of Contents

'the Field and 'the Fall' - a Brief Explanation
Joseph and the two-way ladder of spiritual connection: an introduction
Chapter 1 - Concentric Circles and the Nature of God
Chapter 2 - Stasis …The Space Between
Chapter 3 - A Matter of Time
Chapter 4 - The Illusion of Space and Distance
Chapter 5 - Perspectives
Chapter 6 - Lack and the ‘GOD IS’ Perspective
Chapter 7 - Loss
Chapter 8 - Your Life is a Projection
Chapter 9 - Infinity
Chapter 10 - Energy
Chapter 11 - Imagination and Creation
Chapter 12 - Memory
Chapter 13 - The Voice of God – the Still, Small Voice
Chapter 14 - Spheres of Influence
Chapter 15 - The Dedication of Energy
Chapter 16 - Paper-Thin
Chapter 17 - The Radiating Soul
Chapter 18 - A Special Meditation

Joseph and the two-way ladder of spiritual connection: an introduction

...Consider for a moment, in opening this book, the ladder that features on its cover. A simple image, you might think, yet one that has been carefully chosen due to it seeming wholly appropriate in visually representing this title’s contents and intentions. Indeed, that image of a ladder, of an ancient, tried and trusted piece of equipment that allows two way traffic – either descent from a higher level or elevation from a lower one – is hugely significant with regard to each of the six books that currently comprise the Joseph Communications.

At the time of writing this introduction, the highly evolved spirit communicator Joseph has to date descended the metaphorical ‘ladder’ that stretches down to physicality from his level of being some one hundred times – using me on each of those occasions as his means of impinging on the physical sphere of the Earth. In the early, formative days of our connection, distanced from me by some ten years as I write these words, it was a matter of me, as a medium, listening to his words clairvoyantly and of the information I then relayed from him being recorded so that it could subsequently be transcribed and formatted into book form. From a point during the delivery of his second book – Illumination – onwards, however, I would be taken into a trance state for the duration of each communication session so that he could ‘occupy’ and control my mind and body during those periods of spiritual ‘interfacing’, moving ‘Michael, the personality’ completely out of the picture to allow Joseph to more efficiently deliver his narratives without them needing to be filtered in any way by my conscious mind and thought processes in order to arrive safely in this physical realm.

To date the journey for myself, Jane, David and Tony (the four members of the ‘Band Of Light’ – Joseph’s term for our little group) has been both a remarkable and a demanding one, with there having been little time over the past decade to consider anything other than the delivery, transcription, publication, promotion and distribution of Joseph’s words. Not that we would have it any other way... the information that Joseph has made available is of vital importance to mankind and to the planet at this crucial time in our physical existence, and from day one there has always been a very real sense of the clock ticking in the background when bringing through and assembling the Communications books. Joseph has said this on many occasions and we believe it earnestly and completely: there isn’t a second to waste in making this information available worldwide and in working to re-awaken the spiritual memories and capabilities of as many souls as we possibly can during our lifetimes.

When Joseph had delivered the seventeen chapters of Revelation, his first book, we had little idea that this initial collection of spiritual communications, that explained in contemporary language, in great detail, and in precise, no-nonsense, non-religious terms who we really are, why we are here and what we are truly capable of would not be a stand-alone title but, instead, would prove to be the first sturdy rung on a ladder of spiritual knowledge that was being constructed and lowered into this world from a higher sphere of consciousness, step by step. As we set about the task of promoting and distributing that first book, Joseph announced that there would be a second, and we immediately began to sit together regularly as a group to allow him to materialise the next vital rung in that ladder: Illumination.

Joseph had no intentions of stopping there, however, and third (Your Life After Death) and fourth (The Fall) books followed without any gap in the Communications on his part and with barely a chance to pause and collectively catch breath on ours, with the fifth book (Trance Mission) being transcribed as a complete record of the twelve public trance demonstrations Joseph held in various locations in the UK between 2009 and 2011.

When Joseph stated, following the successful completion of his fourth book – The Fall – that he would be delivering a further title in due course, I found it difficult to imagine what such a volume might contain ...after all, he had thus far examined our origins as angelic and physical beings, given practical and empowering exercises to enable spiritual seekers to improve their lives and to change this world for the better, had been our guide on a detailed tour of the afterlife and had spotlighted and explained the misstep that aeons ago had created and still maintains this world and our perceptions in a skewed, negatively-charged state... What more could there possibly be left to say?

As it turns out, and as you’ll discover when reading the pages that follow, quite a lot of immense importance, actually. You see, each Joseph book, whilst intended and crafted by him to be read as a stand-alone title, also represents part of a deliberate sequencing on his part; one stage of a carefully calculated and measured unfolding of higher knowledge, with each book bringing into being a further step on that ladder of spiritual understanding, liberation and angelic capability, and with each set of Communications building on the presentations and many revelations of its predecessors.

The title From Here To Infinity sums up the following collection of addresses by Joseph perfectly, this book offering both an examination and an explanation of, from a spiritual perspective, some truly huge and hugely significant topics – amongst them Time, Space, the nature of God and the titular Infinity – and also presenting to the reader a collection of advanced methods to enable them, working individually and in connection with others, to at long last transform life, society and this planet for the better. For good. For ever.

There’s a second image incorporated into the cover design that I am being urged to bring to your attention at this point – that of the ‘trap door’ or ‘hatch’ that the ladder is leading up to and down from, an image that represents a further, central and vital goal that runs through each of Joseph’s books: the attainment of freedom and escape. Freedom and escape from what, exactly? From pain, sorrow and suffering; from restriction and lack; from heartbreak and despair, and from the seemingly unending, repeating and escalating merry-go-round of violence and ignorance that humankind continues to condone, to generate, and to ride on, and which has impacted to a lesser or greater extent on every human life that has been lived here since time immemorial. Having illuminated in previous titles what went wrong and what continues to be wrong, and having explained exactly why things are as they are in our lives at present, Joseph simply and effectively reveals in this new book precisely how we can play an advanced part in putting things right, and how vital and powerful each of us, when we acknowledge and draw on our spiritual origins regularly, can be in creating that new and better world we all long for and wish to see established as a reality.

As we conclude work on From Here To Infinity the titles of further themes have begun to gather in that holding area at the back of my mind with Joseph as their originator, whose wish is that further collections of his Communications be published at some time in the future. That prospect both frightens and delights me: it frightens me because the book you are holding took the best part of my life energies and thoughts for a full two years, with recovery from each session proving slow and gruelling, and with me yet to fully regain optimum levels of vitality delights me because it is extremely fulfilling and a sheer joy to play a small part in bringing through information that is literally validated daily as being of immense value to the individual and to mankind and the planet via testimonials arriving from around the world. Our task for the foreseeable future, however, is to continue to expand awareness of the existing Communications worldwide, to alert spiritual seekers to the presence of that two-way ladder forged rung by rung by the release of the Joseph books – allowing a flow of advanced spiritual knowledge that elevates consciousness around the globe to reach us and for us to reach upwards to embrace it – and to introduce as many souls as possible to the world- and life-changing new information contained in From Here To Infinity.

Thank you for electing to be one of those seekers, and for caring enough about this world, about its many life forms and about the billions of souls on this planet to want to make a difference. In the following pages Joseph will step down that ladder via the ‘hatch’ that leads to the higher spheres of being and consciousness and meet with you as you, in turn, seek to climb it, allowing the two of you to connect in the middle so that he can introduce you to powerful new means by which you can transmute and elevate the quality of your own live and the lives of others on a daily basis.

May the Divine within you – the true you – guide each of your steps on that ever-ascending journey of self and global enlightenment and transformation.

Michael G. Reccia
April, 2015.