by Michael G. Reccia

Revealed - the power to transform yourself and this planet.

Within the pages of Illumination you will not only discover that true power on Earth in reality rests with you, but will also learn how to create peace of mind, harmony and happiness, both in your personal experiences and across the world.

Sounds too good to be true?

Not when you refer to this book as a manual for personal and global enlightenment and embrace and practise the simple, spiritual, non-religious visualisations and concepts it contains to make a positive and instant difference to the way you live and to the way things are here.

At a time when society has never been so violent, materialistic and selfish, Illumination gives you the power to effect positive change, reveals that what you believe you create, and demonstrates that the better world you long for is attainable for yourself, for your children and for every single soul on this planet

Table of Contents

An Introduction by Michael
Terminology: ‘the Field’, ‘the Fall’ – a Brief Explanation
Chapter 1 - The Cyclic Nature of You and the Universe
Chapter 2 - You are Dreaming Reality
Chapter 3 - You Change ‘the Field’ Through Joy
Chapter 4 - Tear Down Your Walls!
Chapter 5 - Be Careful What You Ask For
Chapter 6 - Neutralising Your Fears and Temptations
Chapter 7 - You Possess the Ultimate Super-Weapon
Chapter 8 - You Can Work Magic in Your Life
Chapter 9 - Questioning Your Approach to Religion
Chapter 10 - Freeing Yourself from Oppressive Tendencies
Chapter 11 - Finding Your Peace Within
Chapter 12 - You are Here Today – You are Gone Tomorrow
Chapter 13 - Are You Moving or Standing Still?
Chapter 14 - How to Stop ‘the Field’ Slowing You Down
Chapter 15 - You Change the World

An Introduction by Michael

What on Earth do you do when, after years of working as a medium in the ‘accepted’ way (i.e. that of bringing through information from deceased family members to provide evidence of life after death to their relatives on Earth) you suddenly begin to receive communications from a highly evolved spirit guide called Joseph that delve into and explain the human condition from the point of view of ‘spiritual physics’ in intricate detail – life-changing, powerful, amazing information to challenge the way we look at life, death, creation, the power of our minds and hearts and our purpose in being here?

What on Earth do you do when communications are received that concisely, precisely and in a spiritual but completely non-religious way embrace every single soul on this planet and satisfyingly answer the age-old questions every human being must surely ask at some stage in their existence – questions such as: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What am I?’, ‘Why am I here?’, ‘Where am I going?’, ‘Is this all there is?’ and ‘What am I really capable of?’

What on Earth you do is the only thing you possibly can do in good conscience – hold regular contact sessions to bring through the communications from Joseph then painstakingly gather them into book form (as he requested us to do) and release it so that the information it contains can be made available to those who truly want to understand and change their lives for the better – so that’s precisely what I and my colleagues in the Band of Light (the organisation named for us by Joseph and tasked with bringing through his communications and the work of other guiding influences) did in 2008.

Following the release of Revelation: Who You Are; Why You’re Here it quickly became apparent that Joseph had more than one book in him – much more, in fact, and that subsequent volumes would not be mere sequels to the original covering the same ground but, instead, could be read as stand-alone pieces that would also add to and enhance the first with entirely new information. Revelation concerns itself, as I mentioned, with the whys and wherefores of our place here and in the universe, with what is wrong in our world and, more importantly, why efforts to redress the balance, as the centuries have passed, have led to little if any improvement in the human condition. Indeed, it would be hard not to argue that things have become considerably worse, increasingly violent and more discordant as the years have passed.

This, his second book, is a spiritual ‘manual’ that empowers us to make changes for the better, not just in our own lives, but also in the lives of others and in the world around us as a whole.

Unlike some spiritual communications Joseph’s messages are delivered with a forthright urgency and a contemporary approach to language. For example, there are no ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ and archaic or convoluted turns of phrase in this volume – logically what use would such ancient flourishes be to the twenty-first century reader, and why shouldn’t an advanced soul, fully aware of how life in this century is lived, be able to communicate succinctly in a way today’s audience can fully relate to?

Joseph has stated again and again that time is running out for us and our world unless we do something about it now and, in no uncertain terms, this book demonstrates that it is up to each of us to work spiritually to put things right, simply and firmly giving us the means to do just that through changing our personal and worldwide perspectives and by providing simple yet effective exercises to help us achieve the goals of personal and global peace, wellbeing, reconciliation, reconstruction and happiness.

Throughout the writing of this book my personal spiritual perspective was changing too… Joseph’s previous volume had been dictated to me ‘clairaudiently’ – that is, through the facility of mediumistic hearing, with me ‘tuning in’, listening to Joseph’s voice and repeating what he was saying to me into a recorder. Although the early chapters of this book were obtained by the same method, this was to be a period of transition for me as a medium, and much of this second volume would be dictated through me whilst I was in a trance state, with the effect that I only became aware of the information I had been used as a means of delivering once it had been transcribed.

Also during this period we (myself, of course, plus two untiring and dedicated fellow spiritual seekers and workers for the Light – my partner Jane and long-time friend and business partner David) began to take Joseph ‘on the road’ with ‘An Audience with Joseph’ – a number of trance evenings held with his permission and encouragement at which Joseph would take over my mind, body and vocal chords by placing me in trance then invite and answer questions from the audience.

In terms of years and dimensions travelled Joseph has come a long, long way to deliver his vital communications (although he would, with his characteristic sense of humour, be the first to point out that, from a spiritual perspective, no one actually goes anywhere at all!) and continues to work with us on future books. The reason he does this is because, as he says, he cares – both for us as individuals and also for this crippled, exploited planet which he wishes, in a very real sense, to give us the means to reinvigorate and save. In considering and practising what he suggests in this volume you prove that you care too, and you will be quietly and discretely working to make not only your own life a richer, more fulfilled experience, but creating – actually and actively creating – a better world for everyone else on this planet and ensuring that not only will future generations benefit too, but that there will indeed be future generations on Earth.

Thank you for choosing to read Illumination: Change Yourself; Change the World.

Michael G. Reccia.
October, 2009.