Many Voices, One Mission

by Michael G. Reccia and R. Jane Kneen

A million souls are waiting to inspire you...

For over a decade Joseph’s highly acclaimed Communications books have presented a practical, refreshing, no-nonsense approach to life and spiritual evolution. Examining our journey beyond physical death and also addressing this empowering moment in our here and now, the wisdom of this highly evolved spirit communicator has offered a blueprint for much-needed positive change, both personally and globally.

In communicating, Joseph is the spokesperson and conduit for the teachings and observations of a vast ‘group soul’ - a commune of millions of evolved discarnate spirits deeply concerned for our well-being and future prospects at this critical point in our evolution.

Enlightening and uplifting, Many Voices, One Mission gives voice to the wisdom of some of the key members of that group, gathering together for the first time life-changing communications delivered over many years to Michael and his life partner, Jane. Many Voices, One Mission also offers fascinating insights into how Michael and Jane’s daily lives have been affected and shaped by the sudden and regular appearance of visitors from the spirit realities that co-exist with this one.

Covering a wealth of topics including the afterlife, self help and spiritual healing and guidance, Many Voices, One Mission serves as an inspiring stand-alone double-sized volume and also as an essential companion to The Joseph Communications, offering readers personal support, a profound understanding of the human condition and dynamic, Light-infused spiritual insights to counter an increasingly materialistic and isolating age.

Table of Contents

Power Points
Who’s Who in Many Voices, One Mission
Terminology and Essential Background Information

Life’s Journey and a Time to Make Things Right

‘A Beginner’s Guide to What Happens Next’ or …The Passing of Mr Johnson
The Boat
The Pearly Gates
The Resonance and Vibration of Objects
The Thinning of the ‘Veil’
Manifestation of Matter in the Spiritual Realms
Literature and Drama in the Spiritual Realms
The Children’s Realm
The Nature of Time
Existence is not Optional
Sex in the Spiritual Realms
Pets in the Spiritual Realms
Safe Passage – The Transition and Spiritual Progression of Barbara Kneen

The Dreamtime
Listen to the Earth
Reflections on Natural Disasters
Respect for all Aspects of Creation

Creation and the Splitting of God-Light
Balancing Atoms with Positivity
Your Creative Field

Dreams, Creation and ‘Reality’
Your Dreams
Manifesting through Gratitude

Crowd Control
Strings of Emotional Attachment
Guard Your Frequency

The Human Heart
The Mirror… Reflections on Self-Perception
Your Aura
The Architecture of Fear and the Value of Silence
The Duality of Existence
The Breath of Life
Religion and Experience
Religion and Materialism
The Concept of ‘Heaven’
‘Border Control’ of the Mind
Negating Karmic Situations with Neutrality
The Ego and Past-Life Influences

Thought Therapy through Colour
Advice to a Spiritual Healing Circle
The Importance of the Right Type of Food
Slave to Time

Michael’s First Public Trance Demonstration
Michael’s Second Public Trance Demonstration

Power Points (introduction by Michael and Jane)

I didn’t believe in soul mates until I was fifty-one years old.

Nor did I acknowledge the concept of ‘twin souls’.

Which just goes to prove that you’re never too old to learn and that it’s a very good idea never to box in your thoughts...

Personal relationships, prior to 2006, had not been an area of my life in which I could, hand on heart, claim any measure of success or satisfaction. Quite the opposite, in fact! Over the years every one of them had ended rather rapidly and, as my work as a medium – as a person able to see, hear, contact and converse with discarnate spirits from beyond this physical realm – grew and became ever more demanding of my time, I had decided that I was ‘being told something’ by Creation …that being that my destiny, because of the all-embracing spiritual work I had agreed to undertake, was to walk the unusual life-path I had chosen alone. Besides, I reasoned, it was asking a lot – perhaps entirely too much – of any female to share a life with someone who, rather than being focussed on money and status and all the ‘usual considerations’ of life here, had decided to concentrate instead on the ‘unseen’ – the spiritual – and was on a quest to discover, if it was at all possible, the meaning of existence and to uncover and understand the mechanics of mediumship, determining to somehow share any and all knowledge gained in these areas with other spiritual seekers. Indeed, reactions from the opposite sex upon being informed of my mediumship and goals ranged from complete and utter open-mouthed disbelief (often with a dash of contempt) …to dangerously obsessive fascination (requesting predictions and messages to illuminate every minor twist and turn in their lives) …to fear verging from mild alarm to wide-eyed, trembling terror.

As I would come to understand and appreciate later in my life, none of my early relationships were ever intended, in the greater scheme of things, to be long-lasting. Indeed, it would have been disastrous to the ‘mission’ that lay ahead for me and the communications that would eventually come through me via a trance-state connection with the ancient and highly evolved spirit communicator Joseph had any one of them proved to be so.

Ethel, an aunt on my mother’s side, was an extremely psychic lady who, at a pivotal point in my spiritual development, had first introduced me to the concept of greater realities and had reassured me that I wasn’t going mad in seeing the strange things I sometimes saw and in feeling the strange sensations I sometimes felt …but that I simply happened to be extremely psychic too. I remember chatting with her at a time when I was in the ‘first date’ stage of a relationship with a young lady and being shocked to hear her tell me in a somewhat agitated state that she had, throughout that day, psychically heard and sensed personalities from ‘the other side’ weeping and crying out as a result of my new romantic association. This was not in any way something a young man seeking companionship and a life partner wanted to hear, nor was it a reaction that made one jot of sense to me at the time. But, considering the gravitas of what it was hoped I would eventually choose to do with my life, such an extreme, symbolic gesture by the spirits who, if everything went according to plan, intended to work with me on the vitally important imperative that would become the Joseph Communications is perfectly understandable from the lofty perspective of hindsight. Had I settled down into a conventional lifestyle with its distracting financial and familial demands the Communications would never have happened and a mission that millions of souls had been working towards fulfilling – and, to our timescale, one that had taken hundreds of years to set up in order to bring urgent, vital, life-changing information into this world at a crucial point in its history – would have failed (the young lady and I were soon to part, by the way, though not as a result of my aunt’s observations).

My belief that I was meant to be alone had, by the time I had reached my aforementioned fifty-first year, become pretty much ingrained into my psyche, although for the four years prior to this I had been exchanging occasional friendly emails with and conducting spiritual readings for a girl called Jane, who had ‘chanced’ upon my business card in a spiritual book shop and had, as a consequence, requested that I conduct a reading for her. I had subsequently visited her home on a second occasion at her invitation, this time with the intention of moving into the Light the troubled, earth-locked spirit of a young boy who had been unwittingly and systematically disturbing her sleep by waking her in the middle of the night and dimly making her aware of his presence and distress.

I’ll hand the keyboard over to Jane at this point so that she can tell you what happened in her own words, as the incident is not insignificant with regards to the subject matter of this book:

‘One dark and stormy night in the winter of 2002 there was a knock at the door and there, standing on my doorstep, was a tall, dark, handsome man… (I suppose I had better rewind here to put you in the picture as this is both a “ghost story” that is rather close to home and also a romance, as it is the tale of how Michael and I met.)

‘In my early twenties when I had first moved into my cottage, I was very relieved to find that it had a peaceful atmosphere with no sign of any discarnate presence – unlike my childhood home which had been haunted. The cottage was a bit of a “hovel” in need of restoration and for the first few years whilst saving up for this I was actually unaware of what was in the attic as it had been totally sealed off for some reason. During the renovation work the loft was opened up to make a bedroom and it was only after I started to sleep in that room that I began to experience the odd incident where I would wake up with a start in the middle of the night absolutely petrified at the sight of a grey, blob-like shadow coming towards me and, with my heart pounding to bursting point, I would shout at it to leave me alone! Other times I would awaken suddenly in a terrible panic, not knowing where I was and with a feeling that I was suffocating. Not being prone to flights of fancy, I had always just shrugged these incidents off as imagination but by 2001 the nocturnal disturbances in that room became so frequent that it finally dawned on me that my own house might be haunted.

‘Around that time a work colleague, whose father had recently died, asked if I could recommend a medium for her to see in the hope that her father might communicate but, as I hadn’t been to a spiritualist church for years, I was unable to help (I stopped attending as I had more than sufficient proof of survival and, not being a “message junkie”, I preferred to rely on my own intuition for guidance). However, one day shortly afterwards whilst Christmas shopping, I felt drawn to go into the spiritual book shop in my local town and there on the notice board was Michael Reccia’s business card. I had found a medium that I could recommend to Lynne! I had seen Michael take the service at a nearby spiritualist church fifteen years earlier, and he had stood out in my memory as an exceptional medium because of the unique quality of his spiritual philosophy (little knowing then that the earnest young man on the platform would one day be the love of my life).

‘Private sittings were subsequently arranged for Lynne, my friend Angela and myself – hence the knock at the door on that dark and stormy January night ...and the tall, dark, handsome man on my doorstep was, of course, Michael. (I have to tell you that at this point the story also has a farcical twist because, to my surprise, Michael was dressed identically to me. A fairly uncommon coincidence for a man and woman generally but even more remarkable when I tell you that our chosen “look” for the evening was black trousers with a hideous Rupert Bear-esque combination of red jumper and yellow shirt. What on Earth had possessed us? Or was it some cosmic joke signifying that one day we would become “twinned” in the same spiritual mission?)

‘Lynne and Angela had their readings first with Michael (and yes, Lynne’s father did come through) and then, amazingly, when my turn came, the very first thing Michael told me was that one of the rooms in the house was giving me trouble – the reason being that a little boy was “stuck” there. Apparently he had died of consumption as a toddler but hadn’t moved over to the Light because he was trapped in reliving the panic of his last moments. Michael went on to assure me that the little boy meant no harm and wasn’t even aware of my presence but that in my sleep-state I was picking up his panic of being lost and dying and that grey shadow was his depressed aura. Michael told me that the child needed to be moved over and that I had to meditate and pray for this to happen but, if it didn’t clear up after a while, he would come back and sort it out.

‘Can you imagine after twenty years of living in a place to then discover that it was actually haunted? I was now in a situation where I was scared of being in my own home and the tricks of my imagination were far worse than any of the incidents had been. I certainly daren’t sleep in the attic room any more and so moved into the little bedroom downstairs. I did do the prescribed meditations and prayers for the little boy as Michael had instructed but, having little faith in my abilities on that score, after a couple of anxious weeks I telephoned Michael to ask if he could come back and check whether the boy had gone.

‘So, back Michael came (and this time I had put on a skirt and floral blouse as insurance against any repeat “style plagiarism”) and checked each room in the house. All were found to be clear until he came to the attic, where he could see a little boy in floods of tears by the fireplace. Michael spoke to him telling him to stop crying and asking him if he could see him – which the boy could. Then, having got his attention and calmed him down, Michael asked the boy if he could see the person standing next to him, and at that point the little boy’s face lit up at the sight of a spirit in beautiful Light who had appeared (presumably some relative that the boy recognised) and he took their hand and they both disappeared through the wall …and that was that.

‘Michael advised me that there might be a residue of negative vibration for a while but it would lift, and he suggested that I keep the windows open for a few days. He thought the boy had been there for quite a while (perhaps two-hundred years) but explained that, although that is an eternity in our terms, for the boy it would only have seemed like a few moments because his perception would be of it just being “now”. I wondered why someone from the spirit realms (such as his mother) hadn’t come to rescue him before, but Michael explained that some souls become so trapped in their own negative thoughts on passing that they cannot see those who try to help them from the spirit realms because of the difference in energy frequencies. The boy, on the other hand, could see Michael because their vibrations were both of the Earth plane, thus allowing Michael the opportunity to communicate with and distract the boy for long enough to break his thought pattern and get him to see the rescuing spirit.

‘That night I had to force myself to sleep in that room again – with the light on and my dog with me for “protection” – and I can’t say I got much sleep because of the combination of me glancing around the room every two minutes checking for “ghosts” and Molly padding around the bed checking whether it was time for her breakfast. After a few weeks, however, my confidence was restored and I never had any trouble in that room again.

‘So, a very happy ending to what the uninitiated might consider to be a “ghost story” …as for the romance, we had to wait a further four years for the next instalment, as Michael is in the process of explaining to you. Incidentally, several years ago the spirit of the little boy came through to Michael (but appearing as a young man this time) to thank us for releasing him...’

...Michael here again – once more in full possession and control of the keyboard...

...Following the ‘rescue’ of the little boy, a procedure which (as Jane has just related) at its thankfully happy conclusion saw him depart ‘through the bedroom wall’ for the next stage of his existence hand in hand with the loving, elevated spirit who had come to collect him, I remember sitting in my car outside her house thinking about my (strictly professional) encounter with this slim, beautiful blonde girl who had gazed into my eyes and feeling like I had been zapped by a bolt of energy – the likes of which I had never encountered before. I couldn’t think straight. I wasn’t sure what had happened, exactly. All I ‘knew’ was that if I was receiving romantic signals from Jane I couldn’t get involved because ‘God wanted me to concentrate on my mediumship’ and, as Joan, my spiritual mentor, had once so eloquently put it when I was bemoaning what appeared to be a permanent bachelor status and the seemingly inevitable disintegration of any romantic relationship I entered into …instead of being in love with any one person, in order to carry out my spiritual work to maximum effect, I could always choose to ‘be in love with the whole world’. In any case... surely I was imagining things and reading signs that weren’t actually there. Jane couldn’t actually be interested in me... could she?

As stated, however, following the encounter at her home she and I did keep in touch on a semi-regular, purely platonic basis. We would email each other on occasion, with Jane asking me spiritual questions and me sending updates as to my progress along with the responses to her queries. We sometimes bumped into each other, seemingly by ‘accident’, and she would attend my workshops and also visit my home for a clairvoyant reading every twelve months or so. At the conclusion of one such session, in what would ultimately prove to be a pivotal and life-changing moment for us both, I was, to say the least, rendered almost speechless when, as I was in the process of closing down my chakras (the body’s principal spiritual energy vortices, which open to allow spirit communication to take place) and bringing myself back to ‘everyday consciousness’, the spirit who had been working with me that evening to deliver the information and act as a go-between for the personalities who wished to contact Jane through me suddenly announced, ‘She loves you.’

What?’ I asked mentally. The gentleman in question, a trusted friend and co-worker from the higher side of life known to us by the simple ‘identification tag’ of the Big Indian, and who, as a personality had, up until this point, consistently been ‘all business’ and (necessarily and quite correctly) strict, focussed and completely dedicated to the task at hand when working with me, fixed me with a poker-faced stare and repeated, ‘She loves you.’

Oh...’ I replied mentally, more than a little nonplussed as I escorted Jane to the door (she, of course, being totally unaware of what had just been said to me).

Did I do anything about this staggering revelation? I did not …at least not immediately. After all, I reasoned one more time: ‘Divinity wants me to work for Him/Her and demands total dedication. It’s not on the cards for me to be in a relationship.’

What the Big Indian had revealed was not, however, something I could simply shrug off as you can well imagine, and every so often I would think about that perspective-changing, three-word statement from him and drift away for a few moments into an uncharacteristic (for me) warm and fuzzy daydream.

Then, on a hot summer’s morning in July 2006 which was set to alter both of our personal worlds – a full four years after we had first met and several months after the Big Indian’s bombshell announcement – the receipt of an email from Jane which, as they always did, indicated affection for and interest in me in her usual restrained and respectful way caused a curious catalytic reaction in my approach to her. I suddenly felt deeply saddened by the fact that I was still holding this very special and desirable woman at arm’s length and that she must, after all this time, surely think by now that I had no feelings for her. Actually the truth was, as I finally and fully admitted to myself that day, I did. I was not being fair to her and it was time to let her know the truth.

I carefully composed an email telling her as much, agonising over every word as I typed and re-typed its contents. Finally satisfied that what I had written said just enough and not too much, my hand hovered hesitantly over the send button for what seemed like an age. Eventually I took a deep breath, threw caution to the wind and jabbed at the key, sending the revelations on their way, an action that resulted in me spending much of that day in a nervous, wide-eyed ‘what on Earth have I gone and done?’ state.

Actually what I had done proved to be exactly the right thing to do – both for us personally and for the spiritual work we were intended to undertake should all those metaphysical dots connecting us to a specific future join together as they were supposed to.

Jane replied to my message that afternoon expressing similar affections and we met for our first date a week later. The rest, as they say, is history …a very unorthodox and, some might consider, remarkable history, and one I need to share aspects of with you in order for you to understand the unfolding chain of events that then led to the publication of the Joseph Communications and of the companion book you are holding. The romantic aspects, as is only right and proper, we will keep to ourselves. Suffice it to say that, eleven and a half years later as I write this, we are, if anything, even more devoted to and supportive of each other than we were when we first became a couple back in 2006. Our obvious deep connection when out and about must give the general public some cause for concern as they witness these two quasi-senior citizens (often laughing out loud in a way that is not regarded as at all proper for people ‘of our age’ as some surreal concept suddenly strikes us as being extremely amusing) making no attempt to disguise the fact that they do, and always will, love each other.

Slightly awkward but very essential background exposition over with, let’s move deeper into spiritual territory and the reason why you’ve chosen to read this book. Working with me behind the scenes in all that I do spiritually, there exists a discarnate personality from a higher vibration of ‘reality’ who has been connected to me since before my birth here. He is a wise, warm, humorous, luminous soul who always appears to me in long robes that display a range of deep and glowing colours …purples, silvers, golds, greens... different on different occasions – each a purposely chosen expression of what he wishes to communicate to me (and topped, without exception, by a ‘Nehru hat’ of a matching hue) and with each ‘ensemble’ often having intricate and very beautiful patterns woven into it (by thought rather than by physical needle and thread, I should add). That old soul (although as I write I can feel him, with a twinkle in his eye, railing against the word ‘old’ and wishing to stress that he is, like us all, actually ageless and has an eternally youthful attitude and love of life) is known to me – and will become known to you – as ‘the Persian Gentleman’, a name I was first made aware of when sitting for spiritual development with my inimitable teacher Joan. She had also been visited by this guiding influence regularly and for as long as she could remember (with affection he used to call her ‘Joannie’). The origins of his title? Well, he was a Persian citizen of some status in a hugely significant life he had lived on Earth (with him choosing to manifest to us in this preferred persona) ...and he’s every inch a gentleman, possessed of a personality that quietly commands respect, so ‘the Persian Gentleman’ seemed like the obvious choice of nickname.

‘P.G.’ as we sometimes call him for short, is someone I trust implicitly (it was he who suggested the heading for this chapter). In my spirit body I have on occasion visited his dimension-straddling house in the spiritual spheres (although ‘house’ is far too modest a word for the magnificent, honey-coloured stone building with its walled courtyard and integral, circular tower featuring an eastern-style, top-floor library with floor-to-ceiling open arches that allow him to gaze out across two differing zones of vibration). I also know much about his existence in the afterlife – his likes, his dislikes and his spiritual mission, which is inextricably linked with our own. He has advised and protected, encouraged and counselled me on countless occasions over the decades, and is the ‘administrator’ in charge of bridging two realities – his ‘world’... a higher dimension of being, and this physical world – setting up, overseeing and, on the completion of each Band of Light communication meeting (the name for our little group given to us by Joseph), subsequently collapsing, deconstructing and tidying away the intricate spiritual energies required to allow each of the Joseph trance sessions to take place.

If you’ve read the Communications books they need no introduction. If you’re new to them then – briefly – they are, to date, a series of six life- and world-changing titles delivered through me whilst I am in a trance state by Joseph, who is deeply concerned for our future on this planet (urging us to work spiritually to ensure that we actually have a future here) and for the planet itself. He wishes to reconnect us to our spiritual core and make us aware of who and what we really are, why and how we originally came here, our hidden potential, what’s gone wrong on Earth and how we are capable of putting things right. The Communications have met with international acclaim, offer no-nonsense, non-denominational information in contemporary language, and all revenue from them goes back into publishing, advertising, and making the titles available worldwide.

One day during our early ‘courtship’, whilst Jane and I were spending an evening together, the Persian Gentleman appeared and talked to us as he often did, enlightening us as to some aspect of high spiritual truth throughout his communication, which Jane, as was the norm at that time, hastily scribbled down so she could immediately preserve his words as accurately as possible prior to writing them up on her computer. He then turned to me, gestured towards Jane and casually dropped into the communication the following short statement: ‘You’re twin souls’. ‘Oh’, I replied, much in the stunned tone I had used mentally when the Big Indian had delivered his particular game-changer a few months earlier.

Much visual and verbal evidence was then presented by P.G. to reinforce this statement, but he wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already somehow know and sense on a soul level. Consciously, however, this information was something new and shocking to me. The concept of twin souls – often mooted in new age literature – was a notion I had formerly dismissed in my then ignorance as a fanciful daydream. Now it was being presented to me as not only a fact and an important facet of greater reality, but one which impacted on me personally. Despite trusting P.G. totally I was, therefore, determined to investigate and come to a conclusion about his statement for myself, achieving this via a series of daily heart-mind meditations and much literal soul searching and reflection; a process undertaken regularly and repeatedly over an extended period of time, and which resulted in me arriving at the inevitable conclusion and deep knowing that Jane actually is the other half of my soul – just as I am the other half of hers (as aspects of the same soul, one statement logically follows the other, after all). We have been together before on Earth and we have been together always in Infinity.

Little wonder, then, that from the moment we reconnected on a physical level things began to instantly and exponentially change and accelerate on a spiritual one with regard to the work that needed to be done. That reconnection of the two halves of our soul was a major ‘power point’ in advancing the Joseph mission, enabling an outpouring of spiritual energy that allowed the plan of a vast group of souls – that of creating the right conditions to manifest the Joseph Communications on Earth – to unfold and move forwards as it was intended to.

Prior to this there had been a number of such ‘power points’ in my life – each progressing the mission to its next level. These included my aforementioned aunt’s drawing back of the veil with regard to mediumship and an afterlife …my initial meeting (in this life) with Joan, who would meticulously and tirelessly hone and develop my mediumistic skills …Joan’s revelation to me after many years of knowing her concerning her hitherto undisclosed trance work and the subsequent senseless destruction (not by her hand) of a precious manuscript containing all the transcripts laboriously hand-transcribed by her friend Betty to document this (a disclosure that led directly to me taking up the mantle and deciding to bring through information myself – please refer to my introduction to Revelation if you would like the full story) …long-time close friend and business partner, David, and I sitting in a darkened attic for communication for the first time and making that initial connection with Joseph... And there are many more, but the major spiritual consequences of the point of power at which Jane and myself became a couple instantly began to make their presence felt and to rapidly gather momentum...

I had long been the grateful recipient of occasional deep and revealing lectures and addresses focussing on a variety of spiritual subjects and delivered by certain of the discarnate personalities who worked with me regularly – members of a ‘soul family’ I had known and respected for many years. At the time of Jane and I reconnecting the initial chapters of Revelation, Joseph’s first book, had already been received clairaudiently and recorded, with me sitting, as time allowed, for the Communications with aforementioned friend and fellow Band of Light member, David (again, the introduction to Revelation tells the full story of how Joseph first made contact with us and how his words were delivered before I began to work with him in a trance state). When Jane and I became a couple, however, there was that sudden and intense ‘power point’ burst of energy that instantly boosted my access to spiritual information and extended the amount of time during which I could connect to higher vibrations and sustain that connection to the communication from this end on any one occasion.

Further, for the first four years or so following our reconnection, various guiding souls would visit us and interact with us on an almost daily basis, delivering into this world a rich and constant stream of in-depth spiritual insights – a phenomena we found extremely gratifying as each address would offer individual viewpoints, yes, but also proffer a bigger picture of practical advice and information that filled in the gaps concerning mankind’s metaphysical roots and the ways in which we truly operate as the spirit beings we really are on Earth.

Early in our relationship Jane’s then employer, Peter, kindly bought a digital recorder for us, and Jane would hold this in front of me so that the words that came to us via these spiritual visitors, which I carefully listened to and repeated, could be recorded prior to their transcription via her computer. And come through they did …at home …on holiday ...whilst watching television bed ...visiting friends …on the ’phone to each other …whilst walking – spirits, lectures and enlightenment manifesting at all times of day and night – anywhere and everywhere. And by ‘lectures’ and ‘enlightenment’ I’m not referring to personal messages for Jane and myself (although we were privileged to receive certain of those on occasion too) but, rather, to information of vital importance to every soul on Earth …communications which, we determined, must eventually be made public in some way.

Little did we know, as the bringing through of all this spiritual input occupied so much of our early years together, that it was quietly forming itself into a body of work that represented the shared observations and knowledge of a ‘group soul consciousness’ (a collective of like-minded spirits – still very much individuals but also harmoniously linked together in thought and creative purpose) and that it was building a firm foundation from which the Joseph Communications could and would spring and continue to develop and evolve.

What I mean by this is that the information, although expressed to us via the personal viewpoints of the many and varied discarnate personalities involved, presented a completely cohesive, interlinked and comprehensive approach to and explanation of this life and the next. The ‘lectures’ also addressed such topics as Divinity, creation and spiritual capability, together with an examination of the human condition from a spiritual perspective – each new commentary supporting and complementing the texts that had previously been dictated to us.

There were no contradictions. For example, a spirit who had once lived a life on Earth as a monk and was, therefore, coming from a background in that life that had been coloured by religion, and another who had been a scientist, and was consequently operating through the inevitable partial filter of an academic viewpoint, plus many others from vastly different time periods and cultures in our history, were all united in sharing with us a single, timeless, unwavering truth. This information supported totally the revelations that Joseph regularly brought through as he sought to enlighten mankind and prompt us to rediscover our spiritual origins and understand why we and the Earth are as we are at this moment.

Shortly after Jane and I reconnected, the ‘delivery system’ for this information was further refined as I was unexpectedly taken into a trance state for the first time. This change to the way in which my mediumship manifested itself was something I had been given various ‘heads up’ about by my friends from the higher side of life for some months prior to it actually happening but was an anticipated state of altered consciousness which, although I had agreed to it taking place and confirmed that I would undertake the work, I was extremely wary of, mistakenly fearing that a complete loss of personal awareness would occur during the trance sessions. Would I return to my senses sound in mind and limb, I had wondered. Would I return at all?

In a surprise event engineered by certain of my guides my fears were allayed as I was suddenly and without prior announcement taken into trance for the first time, returned to earthly consciousness, then instantly pulled back into a trance state again – firstly by another gentleman you will meet in this book whom we call ‘Silver Star’ and then, immediately afterwards, by the Persian Gentleman – all this happening whilst I was returning in the car from a seaside holiday with Jane (I wasn’t behind the wheel, I hasten to add!). From that time onwards, and following a couple of public demonstrations to ‘test the connection’, as it were, ‘hosted’ by the Persian Gentleman on the first occasion and the Big Indian on the second, and which were held at a nearby spiritualist centre, trance became the preferred method used to bring information through, particularly by Joseph, who, part way into delivering his second book, Illumination, switched from a clairaudient link with me (prior to this major change in delivery I had ‘tuned in’ to him, listened to his words and repeated them into a recorder for later transcription) to a trance-state ‘takeover’ of my mind and body, a method by which each of his books has been delivered since.

As Joseph’s imperative was quietly developing, with neither of us realising at that time just how globe-spanning and life-changing his mission would become, and just how much of our lives would need to be dedicated to it, our spirit friends continued to talk to us in parallel with the compiling of the Communications – often through clairvoyant and clairaudient links, though also by them sometimes ‘dropping in’ to speak at the conclusion of a Joseph session whilst I was still in trance – building up a picture of how souls should ideally be living their lives here and explaining how we function and what we are capable of achieving as spiritual beings wearing the illusion of flesh.

They also increasingly referred to a mysterious and literally world-changing event that had happened millennia ago which they named ‘the Fall’, at a certain point announcing that they were about to talk to David, Jane and myself through me in trance as a group of five personalities (one of these communicators being Joseph, of course) in order to give us personal and essential background information concerning the Fall in preparation for Joseph’s then upcoming definitive work on the subject. So important was this information, we were informed, and so much effort would be needed to punch through the vibrations of the confining negative Field of human consciousness that shrouds this planet to bring it through, that we should prepare ourselves through careful diet and rest periods for a full week beforehand (the session was to be held on a Saturday morning and afternoon) and should do nothing for the remainder of the weekend following its delivery so that we could recover the energies we would expend in receiving the group’s input.

Increasingly now Joseph’s work moved into the spotlight and took centre stage, and increasingly my energies became bound up with the not inconsiderable and ongoing task of not only delivering but also promoting all of the Joseph Communications titles (book seven is being received concurrently with the production of this volume) as well as recording them as audiobooks. At the same time Jane tirelessly worked to distribute the Joseph Communications on a six-days-a-week basis and to reply to the ever-increasing numbers of emails and letters we were receiving.

By this point we had also been joined in our mission by our diligent soul-brother Tony, a fellow spiritual seeker we met by design rather than coincidence, just a few miles from where we lived, as Joseph continued to gather momentum and recognition. Thanks to Tony’s generosity and support, and in another ‘power point’ moment, we were able to give credence and authenticity to the Communications by holding a series of public trance demonstrations featuring Joseph in front of audiences at the Sanctuary of Healing – Tony’s magnificent complementary therapy centre, and at other venues. Over a number of years it became clear that we were always destined to connect with him, that our pathways had purposely intersected, and that our intents were identical, with Tony becoming part of the Band of Light and deciding to dedicate a huge amount of his time and energies to furthering the Joseph cause. As a result of our close friendship and unity of purpose, additional addresses by certain of the spirit personalities associated with us, which specifically examined and explained spiritual healing and the nature and causes of illness subsequently came through and were recorded whenever Tony and I met to discuss all things ‘Joseph.

Before and whilst the thrust of the mission came into sharp focus as the Joseph Communications and their promotion and distribution, Jane and I for a short time posted certain of the addresses we had been given by our various communicators on our ‘Michael and Jane’ website and in a regular digital newsletter, quickly deciding to relinquish both of these formats as the Communications took precedence and demanded the major part of our time and energies. From that time onwards, however, the information contained in this book continued to flow and to be gathered together as time would allow ‘behind the scenes’. And, at long last, now seems an appropriate juncture at which to present the in-tandem views of the many different spirits who work with us in order to support and make possible the Joseph message.

Many of the influences who delivered the addresses featured in this book are personalities of long acquaintance who are very familiar to us, and are not only supportive of the Communications but also actively work as our background ‘technical crew’, ensuring that the Joseph information gets through whenever we sit together to receive it and that we are protected from any negative forces that would seek to disrupt us whilst we are doing so. Others have appeared and spoken to us on only a handful of times (or, in a few instances, only a single occasion) – their signature vibrations identifying them as sympathetic and knowledgeable souls who are also some of the unsung ‘backroom boys and girls’ of the Communications mission.

The section that follows this chapter offers some short notes concerning each featured guide in cases where the contributors work with us regularly and we know something of their backstory (and can, therefore, describe their appearance and origins for you). These, I hope, will allow you to build up a picture in your mind’s eye of the specific, dedicated and concerned soul who is talking to you as you read their address. In cases where a discarnate personality has only put in a single or a small number of appearances, what little we know of them (other than their pure intent and harmonious connection to the Joseph initiative) is represented by a (hopefully) appropriate ‘name tag’ and a brief description preceding their address.

The Joseph Communications are the result of a desire by millions of discarnate, concerned souls to evolve the opinions and viewpoints of as many men and women on Earth as they possibly can and to turn the tide of thinking and negative creation here before it is too late in a world that for far too long has denied and turned its back on its spiritual (as opposed to religious) roots. Joseph is the first to admit that he is the spokesperson for a huge number of like-minded souls that share and contribute to his message. The vast scope of the Joseph mission is reflected in the sheer number of addresses we have received from spirit personalities united in a single purpose …that of ‘re-membering’ every soul on Earth with its spiritual and Divine heritage. Their unified intent is also that of restoring this planet to its original state and purpose: to provide a harmonious, beautiful, blissful, non-violent backdrop against which souls can experience and evolve should they choose to incarnate here.

The addresses in this book have been ordered into the themed sections they logically form, and relevant comments by Jane can be found at the beginning of each address to give you an indication of where the communication took place and under what circumstances. My comments – both from the time and in retrospect – have also been included within the text where appropriate. More often than not these concern the points at which I was frustratingly battling against some sudden noise or unexpected interruption as I worked to bring a communication through (something that frequently happened as the sentient, negative collective Field of human consciousness, suddenly aware that a higher, more Light-infused way of thinking was about to present itself, fought hard to maintain the status quo by generating as much disturbance as possible in an attempt to prevent the enlightened words from higher vibrational spheres establishing themselves on Earth).

Also included in the guides’ communications is a never-before-published address from Joseph, delivered clairvoyantly through me some years ago in response to questions asked at the time by Tony on the subject of ‘past lives’, and interrupted at certain points (and somewhat amusingly) by the sudden appearance of tourists and walkers on a formerly deserted dirt path leading up and down a hill in the middle of nowhere in winter – a further attempt by the Field to disrupt spirit communication.

Many Voices, One Mission can be read cover to cover, or simply dipped into, referring to the appropriate sections as a source of inspiration, help and encouragement as the path of your life leads you to and through certain challenges to allow you to grow. If we’ve succeeded in our intentions this book should also allow you to ‘look in’ on those ‘paranormal’ (i.e. out of the ordinary) aspects of the unusual life Jane and myself find ourselves living – giving you an insight into the ways in which our spiritual visitors unexpectedly turn up and draw the ‘veil’ aside to present information to us wherever we happen to be at the time, with us often having to quickly retreat to a secluded spot so that the connection can strengthen and the resulting communication flow unimpeded.

The notes that precede each address, indicating the locations and circumstances we found ourselves in as each communication came through, will probably lead you to believe that we are a couple who are constantly on holiday – always away from home and living the high life. If only that were true! Our breaks from the Joseph mission usually last no longer than five days at any one time, with us never straying very far from where we live and always feeling compelled to hurry back in order to fulfil orders for the books and to answer queries. The real reason why so many of the addresses have been received while we were ‘taking a break’ lies in the fact that our discarnate friends are better able to communicate with us during those times when our minds are relaxed, distanced from and not concentrating wholly on the day-to-day demands of furthering the mission, delivering Joseph’s words under strict trance conditions and producing, promoting and distributing the books worldwide.

It is our hope that the contents of this book will give you a feeling for the interconnectedness and harmony and unity of purpose of group soul existence – an expansive, creative and fulfilling way of life that eventually lies ahead for each of us as we progress and leave this world behind. As an example of group soul co-operation and an integration of purpose that nevertheless also allows its members to fully retain and evolve their uniqueness and individuality, you will find that certain of the addresses have been delivered by two or more personalities working together closely and seamlessly, freed from any trace of earthly ego or need to compete in any way in sharing their knowledge with mankind. We have also included a handful of ‘guest speaker’ addresses, these originating from visiting guides from other soul groups who felt they would like to speak and that they had something worthwhile to contribute to the spiritual themes our soul group members were covering.

Finally, this book has been compiled to function both as a companion to the Joseph Communications titles and also as an inspiring spiritual reference work able to be enjoyed in its own right.

Please forgive me if we’ve omitted anything in attempting to shoehorn the complex backstory that lies behind this volume into the confines of an introductory chapter. I think we’ve succeeded in condensing everything that needed to be said into these initial pages …which means it’s now time for Jane and myself to discretely step out of the limelight and leave you, the reader, in the inspiring, capable and loving hands of the true ‘stars’ of this book – just a few of the dedicated members of a vast soul group of spirits who, even as you read these words, are working unseen with Joseph and operating as a single, harmonious unit to support and facilitate the delivery of further Communications into this world.

It is our sincere wish that their observations provide you with spiritual insights, food for your soul and the occasional smile to uplift you on your journey through life.

Michael G. Reccia
R. Jane Kneen
February, 2018