by Michael G. Reccia

A book to change your world.

In this, the first of The Joseph Communications books, Joseph, the highly evolved spirit who has lived many times on Earth reaching far back into history, invites you to understand and remember who and what you really are, where you originally came from, why you are here, and the miraculous things you are capable of achieving.

Speaking through the mediumship of Michael G. Reccia over a period of three years to deliver his first vital message for mankind, Joseph offers in these pages a completely different way of looking at your life, rich insights into the amazing potential of the human spirit, and a simple, effective plan for changing the future of this abused and disrespected planet while there’s still time to do so.

Revelation – Who You Are, Why You’re Here  will reevaluate your views on a variety of topics including: thought, healing, religion, illness, violence, power, and the nature of reality itself.

Intelligent, thought-provoking, non-religious and written in direct, concise language, this title will empower and re-energise you by revealing the essential truth about yourself and your world. Read it and you will not only reconnect with your spiritual heritage but also appreciate the vital, active part you play in creation.

Table of Contents

'the Field' and 'the Fall' - a Brief Explanation
An Introduction by Michael
An Introduction by Joseph
Chapter 1 - Beginnings
Chapter 2 - Creation
Chapter 3 - The Circle
Chapter 4 - Death and Karma
Chapter 5 - Needs
Chapter 6 - Death Revisited
Chapter 7 - The Heart
Chapter 8 - Medicine
Chapter 9 - Nothing
Chapter 10 - The Heart Seed
Chapter 11 - The Female Principle
Chapter 12 - The Male Principle
Chapter 13 - Light
Chapter 14 - Atlantis and the Fall
Chapter 15 - Work
Chapter 16 - Positive and Negative
Chapter 17 - Power
An Afterword by Joseph


Before Michael introduces Joseph I would like to introduce Michael to you. Michael has been a friend and a colleague for many years. We hit it off from the first moment we clapped eyes on each other. Michael had taken it upon himself to edit and produce a magazine in order to support his decision to quit his full time employment and apply himself to being a spirit medium. It must have seemed strange to my then employers (a print company in the North of England) that I should be sharing jokes and chuckling away with one of their clients to the extent that I did after only a few minutes in each other’s company. We thoroughly enjoyed working together. I helped Michael produce the graphics for the magazine, but after that first issue the owner placed its artwork and print elsewhere and I didn’t think I’d see Michael again. Little did I know…

One day, maybe a year or two later, my wife and I went along to a party at a neighbour’s home. Not knowing anyone there apart from our neighbour, and not particularly wishing to go, I probably reluctantly said, ‘Yes. Sure. It’ll be fun. Let’s go.’ Once there, we found ourselves in a dimly lit room full of 20 to 30 year olds, mostly from the advertising and sales industries. I really didn’t wish to be there and neither did someone else by the look on his face. Sat on a solitary chair amidst everyone else was Michael. He beamed when he saw me and I guess I did the same.

So, we met each other for a second time, and from that point onwards became good friends. We went on to run our own publishing company and for a while Michael put his work as a spirit medium on the back burner. Eventually the company was wound up as a going concern and we both went our own ways – Michael picking up the threads of his spiritual work once again.

It was a couple of years after this that Michael wrote his book Answering the Questions Mediums are Asked Most and asked me to produce the artwork. Consequently we discussed other ‘little’ projects we might undertake together.

Joseph’s first book, this book, was one such project and Michael will explain in his introduction how it came about.

I think it’s safe to say that when we first started sitting to record Joseph’s communications we had no idea of the threshold on which we stood. Since then so much has happened as a consequence of undertaking this work on behalf of Joseph and the myriad souls who, through God, move mountains to make it a reality. A small group has coalesced about Michael, while behind the scenes a huge number of souls work to bring about the publication of this and subsequent titles containing wisdom and guidance from higher orders of existence. They (we) do this out of love – for those who are ‘trapped’ in an unceasing round of incarnation, continually repeating themselves, enthralled by the glamour of the Earth plane, forgotten to themselves.

There are other groups, other, similar attempts to open the eyes of people across the Earth right now, chipping away until one day each of us opens our heart to God and decides to listen, to recall who or what we are and then to realise it’s time to move on, to grow, to evolve spiritually… and to go home.

So, why Michael? Well, his guides once said that they worked with him because of his ‘scientific’ nature – his impartiality, his ability to try and distance himself from the message and take himself out of the loop. It’s not always easy. Some psychics, mediums or channellers, we are told, have their own agenda (quite often with good intentions) and put their own spin on the communication. To avoid this happening Michael almost never reads ‘spiritual’ texts so that he can never subconsciously ‘colour’ the communication he channels in light of information he has read. In other words, he takes his task seriously and disciplines himself.

So, why this group, this Band of Light, as we have been called? The truth is that, while Michael channels information as accurately as he can, he remains an instrument, often unable to recall what has transpired. This is why he asked me to sit with him. I was there to record Joseph’s communications. And, when both of us didn’t have the wherewithal to transcribe the recorded sessions onto paper, a way was found, as you’ll see in Michael’s introduction. In ancient days (and Michael remembers living this way long, long ago in another life) the seer or oracle would be supplied with everything they required in order to function as a messenger; they were not expected to feed and clothe themselves or to work in the field, but simply to communicate with the ancestors, the angels and God. However, in our modern, rush, rush, world this is no longer the case. Most people are too busy to even think of themselves spiritually or find it fanciful that a communion between souls ‘on Earth’ and in other planes of existence is possible.

So, Jane, Tony and myself are happy to help both Michael and the soul groups behind us deliver their message, for as Joseph says, he’s only a spokesperson and Michael the instrument.

Whatever your beliefs are, if you only pause to consider the points made in this one book our work will have been worthwhile.

David Openshaw.
September, 2007.

An Introduction by Michael

Giving voice to Joseph - An introduction

Joan looked sad and troubled.

For seven years I had been lucky enough to learn from this remarkable woman who had become my spiritual teacher. I had met with her each week throughout that time and she had helped me to develop my mediumistic gifts and prepare for the demonstrations, workshops and lectures that were destined to become part of my life, together with the thousands of one-to-one ‘readings’ I would subsequently conduct, both in my own home and in the homes of those requiring information and reassurance from ‘beyond the veil’.

Those seven years were, by this particular evening, a distant memory. As I chatted with her around her cosy fireside I had already worked professionally as a medium, nationally and internationally (via postal readings requested from all over the world), for a number of years. I regarded Joan as one of my closest friends, closer even than family, a member of my soul group, and a dedicated guide and teacher who had always been there for me in challenging times. On this evening, however, it was she who seemed troubled as she recalled a series of events that obviously still caused her pain and which, despite having discussed all aspects of her past with me, she had never once mentioned until now.

Joan had had a close friend, now departed, with whom she had sat for spirit trance communication privately over a considerable period of time. Betty had conscientiously written down the communications that Joan brought through during these sessions in long hand, with Joan remembering little or nothing of what she had said once they were over, relying totally on Betty to record communications that she hoped would one day be made available to a much wider audience. Whilst Joan was in trance a spirit guide, a soul who always appeared to her dressed in a red robe, would speak through my teacher and give the two ladies all manner of information of vital importance to humankind – information concerning who and what we really are and why we are here; information that answered the fundamental spiritual questions each of us asks at some stage during our lives.

It therefore came as a severe blow to Joan when Betty died suddenly. She had lost one of her closest friends and there could not, of course, be any further trance sessions between the two ladies. Thank God Betty had written down the words of the ‘Man In Red’ with such diligence! Betty might have moved on, but her legacy was still here – a unique and precious record that needed to be preserved and made available at all costs.

Following the service on the day of Betty’s funeral Joan politely asked her friend’s daughter if she might have the volume she had produced in conjunction with her mother as it was of considerable importance to her. Betty’s daughter, a zealous member of a certain religious group, replied that she had read her mother’s book, that it was obviously the work of the devil, and that she had, therefore, flung it into the back of the fire where it belonged, happy to have delivered an appropriate fate to such an evil object.

Joan had grieved over the loss of the book and the information it contained ever since that day. As she told me her story for the first time, however, an idea slowly formed in my mind and I began to wonder whether the information the book had contained was truly lost forever. I was an experienced medium, after all, and it had always been my wish to provide mankind with something other than clairvoyant messages from family members; something lasting that could be accessed by future generations, which is why I had insisted on incorporating workshops and lectures into a work quota that had for many years heavily featured the intimate clairvoyant readings and public ‘message’ demonstrations people inevitably wished me to provide for them.

What if I could sit to re-contact and record communications from ‘The Man In Red’? …Why not? I wasn’t a trance medium at that time (that ability would develop later, and was destined to play a major part in the transmission of further books in the series) but I saw no reason why the communications could not be accessed clairvoyantly – that is, with me listening to what the spirit had to say and passing on his message to someone else whilst in conscious control of my mental faculties. It was as though an unseen someone was prompting me to consider this at that moment, and there and then I suggested to Joan that I was willing to put in the time to see if I could make it happen. Joan was most enthusiastic and said we should begin sitting together soon. I, however, had a definite feeling that instead of working with her on this project, as I would usually have done without question, I should this time sit with my close friend, business partner and fellow spiritual seeker David, who had expressed a desire to join me in a meaningful spiritual endeavour for some time.

David was as enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing through something of real worth to people as I was and, despite our hectic individual work schedules at that time, schedules which would become ever more demanding as the months and years went by, we set aside an initial afternoon to see what would happen.

At the time David worked from home in an attic room, which contained the computers and related equipment he was expert at programming and operating. We climbed the little ladder into the roof space, set up a cassette tape recorder (how times have changed!), switched off the lights and withdrew from this world into the peace of a spiritual meditation. I instantly became aware of someone drawing very close to me from the spiritual dimensions, a gentleman surrounded by a glowing aura of red energy who wished to speak to me, and so, having first prayed that all communication that might come to us that afternoon would arrive via Divine will and approval, I surrendered my senses to this spirit as much as I was able to and began to bring through a stream of information.

Twenty minutes later, exhausted, disorientated, but also exhilarated, I slowly returned my senses to this physical world and David and I found we had successfully taped a first short ‘bulletin from beyond’, which David immediately copied to his computer, also burning it onto a couple of CDs so that we each had a copy. No way would the information be lost or destroyed this time around!

In subsequent months and years we met as regularly as time allowed to communicate with ‘The Man In Red’ as we called him. We tried to adhere to a pre-arranged schedule, we really did, but the communications, which gradually became lengthier, needed, of necessity, to fall in with our heavy workloads, and there were inevitably times when either or both of us couldn’t make our other-worldly appointments. We did succeed in meeting on a number of occasions, however, each time gathering more astounding information from ‘The Man In Red’. We knew that this should eventually be collected into a book, but could not imagine how this was ever going to happen as neither of us had the time to transcribe our discarnate visitor’s words… and a book is an expensive undertaking. We were advised from the spiritual dimensions, however, that we needn’t worry and that we should keep the faith and continue to bring through the information. A way would be found, we were assured.

Some three years after we had made that initial link with ‘The Man In Red’ there came a pivotal point which changed things forever, and which can be summed up in three little words.

I met Jane.

Jane is, quite literally, my ‘other half’, a term I do not use lightly or flippantly, and one which has become increasingly significant and relevant as the years since we first became a couple physically have unfolded. Jane had also been a long-time seeker of spiritual enlightenment, and almost from the moment we got together our individual goals fused into one. We attended demonstrations and held workshops together. We sat together to help people visiting our home, Jane giving me additional energy to aid the delivery of accurate one-to-one clairvoyant communication. Further, Jane now also began to sit with David and myself for subsequent communication sessions, the addition of her energies to our little group allowing ‘The Man In Red’ to deliver even longer addresses whenever the three of us met, with myself as the mediumistic channel for his words.

At this point, and after all this time, we were finally given a name… ‘The Man In Red’ introduced himself, and would henceforth be known as…


Furthermore, this elevated and enthusiastic spirit who, to my psychic eyes, had previously only been visible as an indistinct red glow on the periphery of my vision, suddenly coalesced into sharp focus, taking on the far more aesthetically pleasing form of a not-too-tall, finely-boned man who appeared to be in his mid-fifties, and who sported a neatly trimmed little beard, twinkling eyes and a nifty choice in tunics. We subsequently learned that Joseph was not, in fact, the same communicator from those original sessions Joan had held, and that he and I had a unique and delicate spiritual connection that had been patiently waiting in the wings since my birth for the moment when it could be activated to allow his crucial messages to be delivered. Joan’s mention of the lost book and her sadness at this turn of events had been the spiritually-planned catalyst that would galvanise me into action and activate the series of events that would lead to this information being made available to the world. Joseph’s red hue, so similar to that of Joan’s original communicator, was also explained, as you will discover when reading this book.

The material expression of the group’s spiritual intentions, which included plans for additional books, websites, CDs, podcasts, etc. continued to gather pace. Jane’s employer at that time - Peter - had also examined various spiritual philosophies, and Jane felt he might like to listen to Joseph’s recordings. His reaction upon hearing them was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Like us, he recognised that these sessions simply had to be made available to a greater audience and he instantly set about the meticulous transcription of the communications onto his computer – a huge task that would take weeks to complete.

Soon it became apparent that we had collected sufficient material for a book – actually the first of what would become four volumes by Joseph. The material chess game we witnessed play itself out around us in order to give us the means and the time to publish Joseph’s first book is a story that could fill a volume in itself. It is not my intention to go into the complex and often miraculous details of what happened here. I will simply say that heaven, Earth and numerous mountains were moved in order to make available the title you are holding, during which period David, Jane and myself increasingly experienced a unique harmony of purpose between us and formed the Band of Light, a name Joseph suggested we might like to adopt for our group, in order to make more information available to the world through a variety of media.

So, here you have it – Revelation: Who You Are; Why You’re Here, the first book in the Joseph Communications series, in which Joseph speaks of life, death, the universe and, well, yes… everything. Preparing this title for an e-book format (did I mention that times had changed?) plus further hard copy printings also gave us the opportunity to at last include a further chapter – Positive and Negative – that had not appeared in the first imprint but which was very obviously intended by Joseph to be an integral part of Revelation. Positive and Negative had ‘fallen through the net’, as it were, due to the demanding and diverse material commitments we had at the time, almost all of which have now been abandoned to allow us to dedicate as much of our remaining time here as we can to making Joseph’s words available to an ever expanding audience.

Where relevant, the communications are preceded by my notes, which chronicle our progress from those initial sessions between David and myself to my meeting with Jane and the eventual formation of the Band Of Light, and also give a little background information on each session.

The notes are not important, however.

 Joseph’s message is.

Much of the material these pages contain may come as a surprise to you on one level, but should also resonate with your soul on another. If you feel as though you recognise the concepts Joseph is putting forward in some way you have to remember that, on a soul level, you already know them. Joseph is simply putting you back in touch with yourself, reminding you of them so that you can bring a new power and understanding into your own life, into the lives of those around you, and into the lives of the billions of souls – men, women and children – around this globe for whom life desperately needs to change for the better…


Michael G. Reccia
Revised introduction, Summer 2012.

An Introduction by Joseph

(Note: This content is also given on the Welcome page of this website.)

I have waited for many years to find a suitable outlet for my thoughts, but you must understand that they are not just my thoughts; they are the thoughts and the beliefs of the many souls who inhabit the sphere, the area of illusion, the projection (for all energy allows the projection of illusions) that I live in. They are the thoughts of many souls, put together for the purposes of wakening the ‘sleepers’.

The book ahead of you is supposed to disturb you. If it disturbs you, this is good. If you put it away then you are not yet ready for its message. This book is designed to inspire you, to trouble you and to make you look at the inner world (which is your real world, rather than the outer world you have bought into) in a different way.

My name is Joseph.

I have lived on your Earth many times. It is also my Earth, of course. I have been in the spirit realms for many, many years – for centuries, for thousands of years. I chose at one point not to come back to the Earth plane. It was difficult because there were many things I enjoyed there. I enjoyed food. I enjoyed grapes. I enjoyed wine. I enjoyed having ladies around me. I enjoyed sunsets. I enjoyed the beautiful vistas I saw from my bedroom window when I was a citizen of Atlantis. But something made me turn my back on the Earth plane…

It was pointed out to me that there were other mountains to climb, other vistas to look at, and I decided to travel onwards rather than return to what I was convinced was an illusion. It was pointed out to me that there were many things wrong with the Earth plane and that souls were returning there for the wrong reasons; that they were not learning; that they had become trapped in a cycle of existence and had made gods of things that weren’t God - things that didn’t matter. They had turned their backs on the true God ...the God that was within them.

Many of Earth’s religions had also done this, so that they were, in effect, praying to themselves and instructing their devotees to pray to the priests and to the holy men. A few on Earth understood that they were part of an illusion and a few rose to great spiritual understanding, but even they chose to come back and not always because they wanted to teach - often it was because they wanted to be adored, and that, too, is a trap. All power comes from the Source, not from the individual. The aggrandisement of the individual draws its energies from the negative side of life and is a channelling of the negative side of life. People who truly work spiritually work in the quiet, work without thought of their own egos and work in order to go on working for the Light when they pass beyond this illusion, not so that they can come back to Earth and repeat the process and have people bow down in front of them.

Our group’s intention with this book is to turn things on their heads and to bring an argument for Light into the darkness.

To demand nothing.

To dictate nothing.

To say: ‘Here is the book. It is your right to read it. It is your right not to read it. It is your right to reject it. It is your right to accept it – in whole or in part. We advise you to read it, we want you to read it and we invite those of you who do so to become workers for Light and truth because of what the book says to you.’

Things must change.

Let that be your motto; let that be your daily outlook on life.

Things must change.

Things cannot continue in your world as they are. You are still killing each other, you are strangling the planet, and you are ignoring your spirituality – your Source. You are ‘dreamers’ and you don’t know it. You are tied into the dream to the extent that you have forgotten your heritage.

You are told in many of your religions that the way to God is through the holy men and the priests. This is nonsense! The way to God is through your own heart. You are a ‘god’ in the making - you are a child of God, which is what Jesus said to you, which is what many of the prophets have said to you, but you have given exclusivity to them; you worship them as saints and they never wanted you to. They said, ‘Here is the way, here is the truth, here is the Light ...and, instead of taking on board the message, you worshipped the messenger.

This is not necessary. Worship no one, only Creation. Worship what is within you – the one, true God, the Source of your life and your consciousness, and help to make a difference in this world.

I was not always a spiritual man. I, as much as any other soul, went through lifetimes when I was not aware that I was a soul; lifetimes in which I viewed the universe from the standpoint of individuality and believed it to be so; lifetimes when I thought I was at the whim of a cruel universe; lifetimes when I looked in a mirror and actually believed that what I saw was truly me.

Then, through experience and through promptings (because I was psychic I could hear the voices and could see the faces of people who had gone beyond the illusion) it slowly occurred to me that I was more than this temple of flesh, that I was a spirit, that I was eternal and that I was more than the illusion I was witnessing.

I was also taught that I was creating, that I was adding to that illusion, that I was a god in the making, that I could influence my environment – influence my immediate environment (the environment of my body) and then influence the world around me. I was shown that my view of the world contributed to how that world was; that I wasn’t at the whim of every storm and tempest; that there was no unforgiving God but God was a constant presence of Light within me and, if I wanted to fulfil my mission as a soul, all I had to do was to spread that Light outwards.

When I arrived in the spirit realms, and as I climbed the spiritual ladder, as it were, many things were revealed to me. I looked in the records of the passage of time for the Earth and discovered many things about its origins. I spoke with angels on the spirit side of life. I spoke with truly wise men and women whom I did not have to seek out but who instantly stood in front of me the minute I asked my questions. I was made aware of the origins of Creation, the reasons for the Earth being there and the nature of man and of his soul.

All these questions cannot be answered in one book. You may not like some of my answers but all I can say to you is that, with my hand on my spiritual heart at my centre, I have researched, tried and tested and believed every word I have given to you. I am not an agent for darkness; I am working for the Light, and it is my intention to give you some indication of your abilities as a child of God. I ask you to test and to prove for yourself everything that I have said to you, and if you find me lacking in any area then reject what I have said.

There will be other books to follow; there are more complex issues that I and others on my side wish to talk to you about. I hope that you will enjoy this one, read the others and support this series of books. Remember that in buying a book such as this you are parting with illusion, nothing more, and you are being given knowledge you will take in and which will change you and change your viewpoint forever. I know that every one of you that buys this book will be recompensed. If you find it interesting, pass on the information to the next soul. Give them the book, get them to get in touch with its publishers and spread the word.

May God bless and keep you forever.


An Afterword by Joseph

I would like to conclude this volume by praying that you have absorbed from it what you, as an individual soul, need to absorb; that you have found it challenging and thought-provoking; that it has smashed a hole in your world through which, and into which, the Light can shine.

Life should never be the same again for you and you will have a thousand questions. I will arrange, through the group that works with me, to answer as many of them as I am able to in future volumes.

My love goes to each of you – it is true love.

I wish nothing from you.

If you love me, I love you in return.

If you hate me, I love you in return.

Each of you reading this volume is my true brother, is my true sister. You are part of my family. I am distanced from you only by vibration but I will be aware of and I will be in touch with each of you who reads this book because the book is composed of my thoughts and when you begin to read it we will be connected for a short time and I will bless each of you who does so.

So, for now, farewell, and my thanks go those who have tirelessly worked to place this volume before you. They have done this because, like me, they are concerned about you, because they wish to suggest that there is a different way for you to look at life, to suggest that there are things you can do to take control of your life, to suggest that there are things you can do to better the lives of others.

And is that such a bad thing?