the Fall

by Michael G. Reccia

Aeons ago something happened ...and you were there! 

Spiritually speaking, you are ‘not yourself’…

There is so much more to you than you imagine, and for countless ages you have carried within you suppressed memories of the cataclysmic happening that resulted in the dysfunctional societies and wounded planet humankind has inherited today…

…So says Joseph, the highly evolved spirit communicator, who seeks in this book to access every aspect of those ‘submerged’ memories and reactivate them with reassuring, illuminating knowledge, recounting the events and effects of the Fall and presenting the astonishing story of your personal origins and evolution.

Each chapter will not only help you to ‘at last make sense of it all’ and resonate deeply within you, but, by the last page, many, if not all, of those until-now elusive answers regarding existence and the great mysteries that have perplexed philosophers and truth-seekers alike, will be elusive no longer.

From the birth of this universe, the planets and the Earth to your essential, vital  role in creation… if you’ve been searching for a meaning to life in general, and to your life in particular, you absolutely, definitely need to read this remarkable book.

…Your views of spirituality, science, and reality are about to change forever.

Table of Contents

The long, hard road to the Fall - an Introduction
Chapter 1 - In The Beginning
Chapter 2 - The Pattern of Creation
Chapter 3 - The Physical Universe
Chapter 4 - The Nature and Influence of Colour
Chapter 5 - The Production of Form
Chapter 6 - The Birth of New Consciousness
Chapter 7 - DARKNESS – What Went Wrong
Chapter 8 - Consolidation
Chapter 9 - The Absence of Light
Chapter 10 - The Birth of the Spiritual Spheres
Chapter 11 - ‘Original Sin’
Chapter 12 - Perspective
Chapter 13 - Civilisation
Chapter 14 - The Separation of Male and Female
Chapter 15 - Karma and Creative Cycles
Chapter 16 - Forgiveness
Chapter 17 - Spiritual Distractions
Chapter 18 - Remember Who You Are
Chapter 19 - Disconnection, Reconciliation and Ascension

The long, hard road to the Fall: an Introduction

Where am I?

To be more precise, what am I?

I appear to be a ‘consciousness’. Nothing more than that. No form. No substance. …I think, therefore I’m… what, exactly?

I begin to remember. I’ve voluntarily vacated my physical mind and body so that they can be used by someone else – by the discarnate spirit Joseph – and he’s just returned to the sphere inhabited by himself and other members of his ‘group soul’. He’s vacated the premises in effect, leaving an empty house.

Yes, that’s right… I remember now… my body is around here somewhere… Ah. There it is. My eyes are tightly closed. I vaguely sense arms and legs, fingers and toes, eyes and lips – but I can’t move them. After what seems like an age someone gently touches my arm. It feels as though the fingers are actually penetrating my insubstantial, ethereal flesh. It’s Jane, by my side as always. I know I’m close to my body but it also feels like I’m teetering on a high, rocky ledge, about to fall. Yes... I’m falling.


I open my mouth and gulp in a lungful of air.

I’m back.

After a few minutes I force my eyes open. They’re heavy. Uncooperative. On a couch opposite me I can see David and Tony peering at me, a look of concern on their faces. Jane hands me a glass of water. I hold it, stare at it. It’s fascinating. I can see the glass, the water, but at the same time there appears to be nothing there – it’s simply a pattern of Light energy. And that’s nothing too. Eventually it becomes substantial enough to my altered senses to allow me to take a sip. ‘Was it all right?’ I manage. ‘Did we get a chapter?’

…Going into trance is not a pleasant experience for me. I’m nervous beforehand, because there are always those unspoken questions lurking at the back of my mind: Will I come back afterwards? Will I be able to get back into my body? Will everything work? I suffer afterwards, too. There inevitably follow two or three days of intense fatigue, a day of irrational anger and irritation, and a day of acute depression (my vibrations, having been ‘set free’ and accelerated into bliss during a trance session, have to slow again in order for me to live in this world as I’m supposed to, and the shock of being dragged back down into this sticky, heavy atmosphere always brings my psyche low as it struggles to adjust). In total, following each session, there’s at least one full week ripped forever out of the calendar of my life – a week when I’m neither here nor there, so to speak; a man with a foot in both worlds, master of neither, able to do little other than gradually recover.

So, why do this? Why do I and Jane and David dedicate so much of our lives to the exacting and debilitating procedure of bringing through Joseph and making his messages for humankind available to the world?

Because, in a world gone stark, staring, raving mad; a world that likes to pretend it is less violent and more civilised than it has ever been with regard to its savage past, what Joseph explains and suggests is vitally important – essential – to us all, for the liberation of our very souls and an end to physical and mental torment, and for the future and restoration of the planet we’re ravaging and destroying minute by minute, by our actions and, more importantly, through our thoughts and beliefs. In the introductions to his other books I’ve already covered in detail the story of how I initially took on the task of bringing through the Joseph Communications as a result of a ‘chance’ remark from my now-departed spiritual teacher, Joan, and how what began as a series of clairvoyant communications (I had previously worked as a conventional spirit medium for many years) eventually deepened into trance transmissions, allowing me to take myself out of the picture completely so that Joseph could bring through much more information during those times when communication took place. I won’t, therefore, tread old ground here.

Instead I’ll ask you to consider our situation from your point of view. If you had, for whatever reason, been given the ability to bring into the world advanced, enlightening spiritual information from a highly evolved and benevolent source in contemporary language, information that, if heeded and acted upon, allows the individual to live a more fulfilled, healthier, happier life; information that finally and fully and absolutely and wonderfully explains who and what we actually are, why we are here on Earth, what we are truly capable of and what, unless we work to change things now, we are rushing headlong into, could you in all conscience do anything else but access and deliver that information? And, having brought through the Communications from higher dimensions, which of these options would you then choose in all conscience – to hide them under a bed and pretend the sessions had never happened or, instead, and despite being ‘plain, ordinary folks’ with plain, ordinary lives, to seek to move heaven and Earth daily in order to get them out into the world and actually make a difference?

We had no idea when Joseph’s first book, Revelation: who you are; why you’re here, was published that there would be other books to follow – and that each book, although it could be read independently of the others, would expand upon the last, building into a constantly unfolding, enlightening and informing narrative – we simply knew that we were the humble custodians of something very special.

We were a little surprised then, when Joseph, having explained the ‘spiritual mechanics’ of ourselves and of the world in Revelation, went on to deliver a second volume – Illumination – this time chronicling what could be done to change humankind for the better and to restore the planet, and also explaining why, exactly, that change was necessary. A third book, expanding on the first two, was to follow, offering possibly the most comprehensive account ever written of what to expect once we leave this world behind physically – Your Life After Death.

Intriguingly in all three books a thread could be glimpsed running through and behind the narrative in the form of a term gradually introduced at first but which would gain greater significance and be mentioned with increasing frequency as time went on. That thread, that term, was the Fall.

Joseph regularly alluded to some kind of cataclysmic event that had taken place aeons ago in our dim and distant spiritual and material past, an event that had produced an Earth that had been changed and diverted away from its original purpose and form in some way, intimating that humankind on this planet had been around for far longer than we supposed, and that we are, each of us, not only unconscious contributors to the world of war and torture and power-seeking and lack we walk today, but also unwitting cultivators and perpetuators of this sorry state of affairs.

It became obvious that Joseph’s Communications were leading to a full and extensive examination and explanation of the Fall, and that this communication had an urgency about it – a need to be brought through as quickly as possible. Shortly after the last words of Your Life After Death had been uttered, therefore, we began to sit together again to allow Joseph to dictate the contents of the book you are now holding. I, personally, had begun to feel the intense pressure and responsibility of bringing through such a book many months before a single word of it had ever been delivered. Its implications were so enormous that, as with the other books, we simply had to capture and record every word with unerring accuracy, a task made all the more daunting by the fact that, throughout the project, we knew there would be direct opposition to this information being accessed and made public from the Field, that negative, sentient, all pervading thought-field projection of mankind that has its own, very specific agenda – that of keeping things in this muddled, violent world exactly as they are at present.

Indeed, during the course of these Communications we would find ourselves and our endeavours ‘attacked’ at every opportunity. Loud arguments would erupt inexplicably between passers-by outside the house during communication, severing the link and bringing proceedings to an abrupt close. Atypically late postal deliveries would send heavy parcels crashing through the letterbox onto the floor, again temporarily severing the delicate connection, wrenching me out of trance and causing us all to suffer from acute headaches for days afterwards. During a public trance demonstration at which Joseph invited and answered questions from the audience a barely disguised hostility and anger was unwittingly directed towards him from a couple of attendees, opening a conduit for negative energy that resulted in weeks of disturbance and trouble for Jane, David, Tony and myself. Delivery of the final chapter was interrupted by negative energies that prowled the boundaries of our little circle of Light, with me being pulled out of trance by the lack of available spiritual energy several times, and us having to regroup following a hot, calming drink and a time of peaceful meditation, in order to bring the book to a successful conclusion.

To make things even more stressful, when we were midway through the book Joseph intimated to us that the need for the Fall to be in the world as quickly as possible had increased, leading to our decision to sit for communication not once a month, as we had been doing until that point, but twice. This ultimately enabled us to complete the Communications some seven months earlier than we would have done if we had followed our original schedule, but the consequence for me of this accelerated timescale was confinement to a murky, not-quite-here existence during which my spiritual, mental and physical energy levels were drained almost to zero, with me at times wondering in all seriousness whether I would, in fact, live to complete the task at hand. As you can see, I’m relieved and delighted to be able to report, with a wry smile on my face, that I did.

With Joseph’s words here in physical form there then followed a busy period of preparing the book for print, during which I allowed myself the luxury of reading it for the first time. ‘What’s that?’ you say… reading it for the first time? Well, yes. You see, the other members of our group, being present, naturally knew what the book contained but I, having vacated my physical body and mind to allow Joseph centre stage during the Communications that constituted its contents, had no idea of what had been said, and deliberately avoided asking the others for information in case I absorbed some knowledge that would subconsciously influence and colour future transmissions. What I discovered upon that first read-through was the most astounding spiritual manuscript (I’m allowed to say that because I’m only the messenger – only the ‘instrument’ as Joseph calls me – not the originator of the words). Contained within this book is an explanation of why things are as they are here, what caused things to be this way, and the simple yet committed steps that need to be taken in order to lift us out of the current status quo on Earth. Each of us, when reviewing the Fall, felt humbled by the enormity of its revelations and the simplicity of its message, reassured by the way that every fact and explanation made perfect sense and related backwards and forwards to every other piece of information in this book and the others, and even more determined to spread The Joseph Communications as far and as wide as we possibly could during our lifetimes.

Joseph’s delivery is presented here as it happened during the times when we sat together for communication. Where breaks in transmission occurred for whatever reason those are indicated in the text. In instances where Joseph fished around in my mental dictionary for suitable words to better describe certain concepts those strivings for clarity have also been left in. At the conclusion of each chapter Joseph would also invite questions from Jane, David and Tony concerning the issues he’d just raised. As these, too, are packed with information and Joseph’s characteristic attention to detail, and as they expand on the themes covered in this book, they have also been included. As for introductions, Jane is my hard working partner and my rock; David is the closest of lifetime friends and fellow spiritual seeker/member of The Band Of Light (Joseph’s title for us, not ours); and Tony is our staunch supporter and friend whose generous spirit has made possible the creation and distribution of our books, and who sits in on the Joseph sessions whenever duties at his Healing Sanctuary allow (explaining his absence from certain sessions).

If the Fall resonates with you as it has with us, please, for the sake of humankind, for the sake of future generations and for the sake of this planet, recommend this work to those colleagues, friends and family you feel are ready to access this information. The one fact that Joseph has impressed on us during this work is that the time to change things, the time for action, is now. There’s no point putting things off until tomorrow, because, as you’ll discover by the end of this book, unless we use our todays wisely, there are only a finite number of tomorrows left.

Michael G. Reccia
June, 2012