the Spaces Between

by Michael G. Reccia

Prepare yourself for an eye-opening odyssey through magical, metaphysical realities

The spaces between...

...Are filled with wonder, spectacle and the unexpected. 

So says Joseph in this, the eighth book of his internationally-acclaimed series, drawing back the heavy curtain of ‘reality’ to reveal vital aspects of the world and of our physical and spiritual lives that have remained unnoticed, unseen and unappreciated for countless aeons.

Within these pages you will meet the many wondrous expressions of spiritual life, both positive and negative, that cohabit and interact with us on Earth – hugely influential beings that at worst have been dismissed entirely and at best confined to the realms of folklore and myth as a result of our current fascination with all things material and the glamour of our increasingly destructive society.

You will also come face to face with and discover the nature of some of the deepest facets of yourself, allowing you to gain greater control over your life and to express and project the noblest aspects of ‘you’ into the world for your personal benefit, the benefit of all humanity and the good of the planet itself.

Prepare yourself for an enlightening, enthralling and sometimes shocking journey through the parallel realms that exist around and within you at this very moment, waiting to once again be recognised and understood.

…By the last page you will be in no doubt that the ‘spaces between’ – on Earth, in the heavens and deep within yourself – are, in fact, anything but.

Table of Contents

Terminology: ‘the Field’, ‘the Fall’ – a brief explanation
An Introduction by Michael
Chapter 1 - Revealing the Secrets of the ‘Spaces Between’
Chapter 2 - The Unseen Chorus
Chapter 3 - Children in the Dark
Chapter 4 - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner!
Chapter 5 - The Illness Agenda
Chapter 6 - Your Dance with Reality
Chapter 7 - Inner Reflections and the Hall of Mirrors
Chapter 8 - The Banishment of God and Sawing the Lady in Half
Chapter 9 - Meeting Your Co-Stars in the Story of Your Life
Chapter 10 - Vapour Trails and the Universe Within
Chapter 11 - Living Life on the Edge
Chapter 12 - Once upon a Time
Chapter 13 - Starlight Signature, Planetary Evolution and the History Dam
Chapter 14 - You Unbound: Builder of Worlds, Creator of Universes
Chapter 15 - The Forgotten ‘You’ Times Two
Chapter 16 - Super-Powered You
Chapter 17 - God Only Counts to One
Chapter 18 - The Lighthouse


An Introduction by Michael

‘Reccia here came fifth in class …and he’s as thick as my clog!’*

Thus quipped my traditionally tweed-jacketed, leather-elbow-patched physics teacher Mr Hamilton, addressing the thirty or so teenage boys present. Towering over me as he did so, he held my exam papers aloft in one hand and waved them above his head, expressing in equal measure his wonder and disgust that someone as stupid as myself could actually have gained a respectable fifth-in-class position in a college physics exam.

Considering my age now as I write this and the fact that I was in my early teens when the above sarcasm regarding my intelligence quotient was presented to a class in the mid sixties, Mr Hamilton, then seemingly in his fifties, must surely have long ago exited the college lab with its faint but slightly worrying aroma of leaking gas – and indeed this world – destined for a far more enlightened vibration where his faith in the absolute immutability of the laws of physics would have instantly been challenged by the amazing new surroundings he found himself in.

Also, I retrospectively beg to differ with his put-down statement. I was not, as it turns out, ‘thick’ at all – I was introverted, shy and latently mediumistic (unbeknownst to me at the time), and my ability to absorb knowledge was directly proportional to a teacher’s ability to impart it. How adept we are at undermining a child’s potential at a formative and impressionable age; how determined to chip away at any seedling ability a youngster might be subconsciously propagating before it has been given the opportunity to blossom and to achieve great things… Much wiser to adopt a spiritual approach when connecting with the next generation, carefully considering what a little encouragement and kindness and insight on our part can accomplish.

I digress.

The reason I begin the introduction to this book by bringing into focus my feeble grasp of the fundaments of physics as a student in the sixties is not in order to vent some long-held grudge against my former physics master. Indeed, no such grudge exists. Quite the opposite, in that I have Mr Hamilton to thank for one vivid, positive and very relevant memory of those times spent in bewilderment, surrounded by test tubes, Bunsen burners, bullies and chalked-on-the-board, complex, impenetrable equations proclaiming to the world in numbers, letters, symbols and mistaken ‘absolutes’ how things actually operate here, scientifically speaking …that being of a lesson given by him which involved a prism.

As you will doubtless be aware, a prism is a (usually) glass object, commonly triangular in shape, with refracting surfaces set at an acute angle to each other, endowing it with the ability to split white light into the colours of the spectrum. To demonstrate this, ‘Hamish’ Hamilton (as we smirking little tykes liked to call him when we were quite sure he wasn’t within earshot) proceeded to shine a beam of light through one face of said prism and, lo and behold, out from its opposite face spilled luminous bands of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Entering the object was a band of white light; exiting it was an orchestra of glorious colour.

…Which image is highly significant regarding the contents of this book, and has provided me with an appropriate opening metaphor for the intentions of the eighth Joseph Communications title.

First, however, and if you will indulge me, I must backtrack a little to comment on what, until the concluding chapter of this book, had been the ongoing process for well over a decade of Joseph and myself working symbiotically via a trance-state connection as a ‘prism’ for the viewpoint of a vast, spiritually enlightened group soul (a collective of millions of evolved spirits) that is deeply concerned for the welfare and future of humanity, for the animal kingdom and for planet Earth.

Successfully concluding – or ‘bringing through’ – Joseph’s penultimate title From Here To Infinity had given me immense satisfaction. I was much relieved that the book was finally complete and safely in this world as eighteen chapters manifested via an equal number of trance sessions. The process, however, had left me completely exhausted and I had become pale of face, occasionally uncoordinated of limb and frequently disorientated. The demanding monthly sessions that, with my full consent, had allowed Joseph’s ancient, discarnate spirit to repeatedly take control of my physical body and mind in order to speak to the world as directly as he could by gently shifting my personality to one side and taking centre stage for the duration of each session had wreaked increasing havoc with my health and life energies. A further contributor to this depletion was the fact that, as the meetings were drawing to a conclusion, I was concurrently dealing with several personal life challenges, not least of which had been the sudden death of my mother.

Physically and mentally I found myself at a very low ebb and as a result decided that From Here To Infinity would be the last book I could allow Joseph to bring through by using my body, physical mind and vocal chords whilst I was in a trance state. With regard to his spiritual ‘mission’ I felt confident that everything that had needed to be said by Joseph and his soul group in order to effect urgently needed personal and global change had in fact been said by this point, and that it was now my task and that of the other members of the Band of Light (Joseph’s term for our little group) – my beloved Jane, and Tony and David – to focus our remaining time on this planet on the not inconsiderable task of making as many souls around the world as we possibly could aware of the existence of Joseph’s vitally important message and warning for humanity.

As my mind, body and spirit began to slowly reintegrate and work in harmony once more on a physical and mental level, and my vampire-like pallor, evident, as mentioned, at the time of the book’s final trance meetings (honestly …ask Jane, who wryly christened me ‘Dracoole’ at the time) gradually replaced itself with more socially acceptable skin tones, our work on behalf of the Communications continued to move forwards at its usual hectic pace. Ongoing imperatives included a commitment to producing e-book and audiobook versions of the six Joseph titles published thus far, and to this end I subsequently found myself reading and recording chapters from the books each week, talking into a mic in the studio of our hard-working, meticulous sound (and video) maestro Avey. Spanish and Dutch websites were also in an evolving but at this stage embryonic state, each intended to promote the wonderful word-for-word translations of the books we had been so graciously provided with, courtesy of selfless souls Maria-Luisa and Professor Paul de Troyer; and advertising campaigns, interviews, radio shows and the expansion of a social media presence were also being addressed.

While all this was happening Joseph continued to be a linked presence, making me aware through our connection of his next urgent agenda. He soon made it repeatedly and increasingly clear that he had set his sights on a further volume of the Communications and that, with my permission, there was an eighth, vitally important book he urgently desired to present to the world, the title of which he temptingly gave as the Spaces Between. Those three words alone were sufficiently intriguing to pique my interest, and, through that permanent connection between us that instantly blossomed into a trance state whenever the Band of Light met to build energy on our side of the equation for this purpose, I could feel Joseph’s fervent wish to once again add to the expansive spiritual information he had already imparted to those who were willing to listen to and consider his words through his books. Further, his intentions with this proposed new title, considering the current state of the planet and his imperative to encourage souls to reconnect with their spiritual core and ask them to transmit Light into the world while there is still time to effectively do so in this current cycle made for a persuasive and topical argument.

That having been said, committing to the two additional years of trance work a further book would likely involve me in was not a decision I took lightly. Indeed, as an analogy I speculate that my particular personal experience of trance mediumship is not dissimilar to the trials of childbirth in that you put yourself through unimaginable discomfort then, once this has passed, declare that never again will you place yourself in such a vulnerable situation (being male in this life I can only guess as to the accuracy of this statement, of course – although, in my defence, I do have memories of a long-ago existence spent as a female). However, once you see the fruits of your labour taking their first steps out into the world and interacting with people (in my case, each new book and the overwhelmingly positive, life-changing response each new title generates in a great many readers worldwide) you forget your former staunch resolution and prepare to immerse yourself in the self same experience once more in order to deliver more of the same.

The ‘discomfort’ (as in fatigue and disorientation) caused by previous trance sessions quickly forgotten, or at least committed to a cobwebbed, rarely visited ‘records room’ at the back of my memory, I therefore said yes to Joseph and the further undertaking, and the four members of the Band of Light began to meet monthly once more to allow Joseph to deliver a complete chapter for the book within the dimension-spanning energy bubble (with a life of around forty to fifty-minutes duration) generated by the soul group for each session.

Part way through the process of capturing his words for the new title, and necessitating a break from work on the Spaces Between of a few months in order that we might hit our proposed publication deadline, Jane and I also indulged in the mammoth task of compiling a seventh Joseph Communications volume, the double-sized Many Voices, One Mission, which would at long last (we had been planning this for a decade) chronicle how our lives had been shared with a great many spirit communicators, and make available the enlightening addresses the two of us had received night and day, at work and at rest, from Joseph and various other members of his soul group over a four-year period when we had first become a couple way back in 2006.

…Harking back to and refining my earlier statement, the Spaces Between – and indeed any one of Joseph’s books following the initial title Revelation – can in no sense be described as ‘more of the same’. As with each of his subsequent books, the new volume made it clear from its first words and earliest chapters that there was so much more he wished to reveal from a higher vibrational viewpoint; that there are literally ‘more things in heaven and earth’ than the majority of souls here have ever considered there to be in a world that has increasingly turned its back on its spiritual origins, and that the new title’s contents would be particularly relevant to those men and women earnestly attempting to counter the views of a materialistic society that believes the acquisition of things and power to be the ultimate goal and the key to a fulfilling existence here.

On this subject, I think most readers of this title would agree that humanity as a whole is currently, as a result of its societal imperative to satisfy our supposed collective ‘needs’ and material appetites, plundering the planet, has little to no regard for other species or the environment, and has mind-locked itself into a tunnel vision perception of existence that blinkers us as to what actually co-exists (and has every right to do so) with us right under our noses on a physical level, let alone on a spiritual one.

Addressing this physicality-and-self-centred, head-in-the-sand attitude, Joseph in these pages invites readers to look at this world through the prism of his soul group’s elevated perspective and to discover wonders and long-hidden truths that, if acknowledged by significant numbers of souls here, must surely cause society to re-evaluate its place in the scheme of things on Earth and in the cosmos, to question humanity’s self-appointed status as the Alpha species on this planet, and to make us aware of the fact that, in spiritual reality, we share this glorious world not only with many other precious and equally important physical forms of life but also with older, wiser and more vibrationally advanced entities, superior to us in both spiritual capability and the capacity to create positively and in harmony with the planet and its ecosystem. Additionally, Joseph also seeks to remind us of our core heritage, expanding our knowledge of how we function as the spiritual beings we really are and helping us to better understand ourselves and the ways in which we operate as creators and essential parts of the Whole.

Preliminaries over, I now invite you to now seek out a quiet corner away from the noise and speed of this world and prepare yourself. You are about to re-examine your seeming individuality, your role, position and purpose in this world and also to reacquaint yourself with the many wondrous, awe-inspiring, unseen neighbours who inhabit this planet’s ‘spaces between’ in this, Joseph’s final Communications book given in trance.

‘What’s that?’ I hear you cry. ‘Surely not! Say it isn’t so, Michael!’ Well, yes, I’m afraid you did read the above statement correctly. After much soul-searching and consideration I’ve made the decision out of necessity to quietly shelve my trance facility, being sufficiently in touch with the promptings of my higher self to know psychically that a further volume of trance work at this stage in my life would at best result in serious illness and at worst might just remove me from this level of consciousness altogether – and there is still a great deal of work that I, working as part of the Band of Light, am tasked with undertaking on behalf of the Joseph message.

Based on reaction to earlier books and an eagerness for additional titles, I can imagine a percentage of regular Joseph readers will at this point be of heavy heart as they contemplate that the book they are holding represents the final Joseph Communications title – but to those dear seekers I would say rest assured, you have not heard the last of Joseph or his message, as his concluding statements in chapter eighteen will testify. Indeed, and as I write this introduction just four short weeks after completing the final trance session for this book, I am rapidly finding myself becoming immersed in the next stage of my work on Joseph’s behalf, which involves even greater demands as his ‘spokesperson’, still linked to his loving, selfless soul and able to draw on his wisdom and comments via clairvoyant and clairaudient links when being interviewed or writing articles should I require further input and an expansion of the knowledge he has already imparted in his books.

Joseph himself would tell you that it has always been his intention via the eight books in the series to provide you with all the spiritual knowledge and connection you need to make a lasting, effective, harmonious difference to your life, the lives of others and the state of the planet; that he has dictated them in order that they might act as a blueprint (and also an urgent call to action) for a better world and facilitate for all of us an escape from the effects of the Fall (the Fall – Joseph’s fourth book, is recommended reading for every soul that has ever wondered why the Earth is as it is and why we can’t seem to find lasting peace), and that they should be regarded as an aid to spiritual ‘re-membering’ that can regularly be referred to and which needs to be put into practice, rather than serving as a fleeting ‘entertainment’ to be read but once then put aside in anticipation of the next spiritual ‘fix’.

In conclusion, I’m sure Joseph would also say, ‘I’ve done my initial work now in transmitting the information (once again!)** and I will, of course, continue to support you all. I can advise. I can encourage. However, if you truly desire spiritual change and are prepared to work for it, it’s now very much up to you. You have at your fingertips all the tools you need to change things and put the world to spiritual rights…

‘…Please use them.

‘Time grows short.

‘You can’t afford to waste a single day…’

Michael G. Reccia
November, 2018

* For those of you unfamiliar with the word, a ‘clog’ is a type of shoe with a thick wooden sole, often studded, and iconically relevant as part of the history of the north-west of England, where the college I attended was based.

** This is not the first time Joseph has brought this information through, unfortunately. Please see the other books in the series.