Trance Mission

by Michael G. Reccia

At twelve remarkable public trance demonstrations, the highly evolved spirit Joseph revealed his global mission... 

…Collected here for the first time is every word of his empowering, enlightening guidance for our misguided age.

Trance Mission is a complete recreation of those meetings, expanding and reinforcing Joseph’s message, answering a multitude of new questions and offering spiritual seekers the key to personal and global transformation.

As with each of the Joseph Communications titles, this double-size book’s contents are shot through with his warmth, humour and refreshingly no-nonsense approach to spirituality, and constitute a vital blueprint to gently navigate humanity and our world through today’s personal and planetary crises into a lasting state of peace, harmony, and spiritual understanding.

Highly illuminating, deeply spiritual and presenting practical information on every page, Trance Mission also gives a fascinating insight into Joseph’s background and will immerse all who read it in the unique and irresistible atmosphere of his public trance appearances.

Table of Contents

'the Field' and 'the Fall' - a Brief Explanation
Chapter 1: Connections – The unseen journey that introduced Joseph to
the world
Chapter 2: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 3rd June, 2009
Chapter 3: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 19th June, 2009
Chapter 4: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 12th August, 2009
Chapter 5: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 9th October, 2009
Chapter 6: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 16th December, 2009
Chapter 7: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 24th March, 2010
Chapter 8: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 13th May, 2010
Chapter 9: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 1st September, 2010
Chapter 10: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 6th October, 2010
Chapter 11: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 20th November, 2010
Chapter 12: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 11th March, 2011
Chapter 13: Joseph Trance Demonstration – 7th September, 2011
Chapter 14: Band of Light Closed Circles

Connections - The unseen journey that introduced Joseph to the world

...They call them ‘points’ in the UK. ‘Switches’ in the US. Defined as ‘a position on a railway track where the rails (the metal bars over which trains travel) can be moved to facilitate the transfer of a train from one track to another’. Via those points the rail companies and their employees know exactly how to manoeuvre their trains so that they end up precisely where they ultimately want them to be. And while all the track switching needed in order to relocate a train from point A to point B is taking place its passengers, comfortably seated at those panoramic windows and enjoying the view, usually remain totally unaware of having been transferred from one set of rails to another in order that they might arrive at the destination whose name is printed on their tickets. In the normal course of events that location is anticipated and is aimed for by those passengers. They might not understand the mechanics that allow them to reach it, but they are heading for their disembarkation point by choice... it’s somewhere they have consciously elected to be. Along the route there might be stops at various stations, allowing the travellers time to alight for a meal or a magazine, or to take in the view and the local atmosphere, but their ultimate goal is never in doubt – all they have to do is to sit back and let the train take them to it.

Imagine now, if you will, a train station into which four separate trains are pulling in at four different times from four different embarkation points to four different platforms at four different speeds. Each train pulls just a single carriage and each carriage accommodates just one passenger... and the amazing thing is that each of these four passengers had absolutely no idea when they each set out on their journey that this station would be a major, life-changing destination for them; somewhere they spiritually – and subconsciously – desired to arrive at so that they could meet as physical and spiritual beings and so that, as a result of that connection, they could seek to accomplish momentous things on behalf of a higher consciousness.

The first traveller is myself... As a painfully shy, sensitive, awkward, private youth at odds with the ways of the world the prospect of salesmanship, with its prerequisite of meeting and influencing people, was my absolute last choice of career. Why, then, upon leaving college, did I constantly find myself in selling situations, first as a tele-sales operative hawking advertising space to individuals over the phone and working from the offices of a large, local newspaper (the only position I could find following six months of unemployment); then, later, as a reluctant trade advertising salesman ‘on the road’ and based in those same offices? Later still, when I had questioned the ethics of the manipulative sales techniques employed by the newspaper to the extent that I just couldn’t live with or support them any longer, I moved across to the title’s design department as an advertising copywriter, a far gentler and more creative and ethical way of selling, but selling nevertheless, and copywriting and public relations then became my means of earning a living for many years, working both full time and freelance for various advertising agencies.

Little did I then know that these occupations, seemingly thrust upon me by random circumstance, were vital ‘stations’ I was compelled to stop at along the journey of my life in order to learn how to sell with words, how to become eloquent when explaining concepts, and how to ultimately ‘sell’ the message that life continues after physical death, delivered through me as a medium as a precursor to Joseph’s trance communications. I didn’t even realise I was on any kind of journey as this process was taking place, and that my train was heading inexorably towards that all-important ‘station’ that would connect me with the other members of the Band of Light.

Independent of my train but running parallel to it, David was physically and mentally on a train of his own, carrying with him metaphoric ‘suitcases’ packed with the acquired knowledge he would need to make his all important contribution to the Joseph Communications. He was an accomplished artist, had studied computers and computer programming at university, and had become expert at creating and writing the complex code needed to construct and maintain websites. He had also worked as a computer-based graphic artist for various printing companies, an occupation that would ultimately lead to us meeting. In private he had for many years been a voracious collector, examiner and consumer of esoteric writings, with the effect that, when we first met (instantly appreciating each other’s company and quickly discovering a shared sense of humour) to collaborate on a magazine project for a friend and I happened to confide in him that I was a medium his reaction was one of calm recognition and genuine interest rather than ridicule or disbelief.

On a third track Jane’s train was slowly but surely bringing she and I together as life partners whilst delivering her to her own essential selection of ‘stations’ along the way. Twenty-five years earlier, on leaving university, she had migrated from Yorkshire to Lancashire, UK, to take up her first managerial position with a Courtaulds clothing manufacturer located in the north-west of England. In subsequent years she had been employed by several companies in various capacities – textile buyer, quality controller, work study engineer, stock controller, finance and credit management – honing, during those times, the meticulous organisational skills she today draws on to ensure the Joseph Communications are recorded, documented, publicised and made available worldwide via the Band of Light.

From an early age Jane had been fascinated by ghost stories and at junior school even formed a ‘spirit society’ (her whimsical society ‘rulebook’ from the time is included at the end of this title – I defy you to read it without smiling). By her mid-teens, whilst retaining her steadfast belief in the Divine, she had rejected the dictates of her religious upbringing with their promise of eternal punishment for some souls handed out by a loving God. Jane’s life changed forever in her mid-twenties when she visited a medium and was amazed and overjoyed at the irrefutable evidence of an afterlife given; her confirmation of there being much more to this life than the surface illusion. From that day onwards she determined to share that knowledge with as many people as she possibly could.

Our fourth train is transporting Tony, a highly successful textile industry specialist and businessman who, some years ago, and at the point of having just sold one of his companies for a considerable sum of money, couldn’t understand why, now having access to virtually anything he could desire materially, he felt so empty inside. The sale – long in planning and preparation – just hadn’t brought him the satisfaction he’d expected it to, and from that time onwards his inner thoughts were increasingly at odds with his exterior approach to life. It was, he felt, as if he was only paying lip service to the outer state of contentment he tried so hard to project. So pressing was this out-of-step feeling with the rest of the world that he decided to embark on a journey of personal spiritual growth, one that would take him to ‘stations’ that were radically different than those he had visited in younger life, and which would help his spiritual yearnings bear fruit and ultimately evolve to the point where he would found, fund and create the Sanctuary Of Healing in Lancashire, UK, a centre whose doors are open to clients seeking to benefit from alternative, non-invasive methods of healing and also to souls hoping to address and advance their own spiritual awareness.

Four trains… Four people… Four very specific sets of acquired skills… Couple this with a pressing timetable from ‘above’, put together by an elevated group of discarnate spirits working in accordance with Divine Will in order to help souls on Earth remember, realise and change whilst there’s still time, and you have the unfolding of a series of converging connections that would eventually lead to the Joseph Communications. The fine details of how we four inevitably met and harmonised (and how, prior to those events, I had made a vital connection at an earlier ‘station’ with Joan, my spiritual teacher and mentor), with those points along the tracks constantly being switched and fine-tuned by Higher Authority in order that we do so, are chronicled in the introductions to other books in this series – it is the sheer magnitude of the intricate spiritual planning and shepherding at work behind the scenes I wish to draw attention to here:

...The spiritual evidence that our ‘mission’ had been pre-destined long before David, Jane, Tony and myself had drawn our first breaths in our present physical bodies.

...The fact that negative situations and distractions in our lives – and in mine in particular – prior to our connecting – many of them major, and many so complex and entangling that they would seem, to the impartial observer, destined to completely engulf one or all of us and extinguish any hope of a successful spiritual mission were negotiated, avoided, transformed and rapidly moved away from.

...The realisation that we had each been outfitted by life with exactly the right skills necessary to get Joseph out into the world: myself with the mediumistic gift that would eventually develop further into an ability to enter a trance state and allow Joseph to make his voice heard, plus the acquired proficiency to write about and express those concepts and deliver them when needed to an audience face to face; Jane with her tenacity, her flair for organisation, her knack for negotiating advertising space that would stretch our tiny budget so that it worked harder than anyone would suspect it could ever do to get the message out; David, ready and able to format our books, visualise our advertising, construct and maintain our websites, design and send out our mailshots, and Tony with his unique vision, drive and energy, who would provide the physical platform from which Joseph could springboard into public consciousness via the Sanctuary’s meeting rooms, and constantly give essential encouragement, support and advice that would enable the books to be published and our global advertising campaigns to be undertaken.

Because we were able, in microcosm, to do what huge publishing concerns could accomplish drawing, by comparison, on only a tiny fraction of their considerable funding and facilities, we could keep the message pure. An editor from a large publishing house looking for the next best seller would inevitably want to change words and alter concepts to make them appeal to the maximum audience. Joseph had cautioned us that his words should not be changed and, as ‘keepers of the flame’, and because of our in-house skill sets and single-mindedness, we could ensure that they weren’t. A large-scale operation would also seek to launch a book just once, giving it a limited lifespan, whereas we wanted to ensure that the Joseph Communications would be made universally and constantly available for the rest of our lifetimes ...and beyond.

We did, however, having all disembarked at that ‘central station’ and having met, harmonised and agreed upon a plan of action, need to do one more thing in order to launch Joseph’s message out into the world – and that was to introduce him to ‘his public’.

It was therefore decided, with Joseph’s approval, that we should organise a number of public trance demonstrations, many of which would take place at the Sanctuary of Healing, so that the source and authenticity of his message could be viewed and examined up close. This was not a decision that was taken lightly, as trance mediumship is a dangerous undertaking even in ideal conditions, and to submit myself to unknown audiences, a small percentage of whom might be aggressive or hostile or wish to see us fail, or who might break the link through forgetting to turn off their mobile phones or by unwrapping sweets whilst I was in trance (both these things happened – the latter regularly – but, fortunately, Joseph was always able to maintain the connection) was not a prospect I relished. Joseph, however, needed to be witnessed publicly so that the word could spread, and so that we would have the authenticity of his sessions on record to add weight to the book material which had been gathered by us as a result of us meeting regularly in private, controlled conditions.

...And so we took Joseph ‘on the road’, as it were.

Those evenings were daunting for me. If held at the Sanctuary I would wait alone and nervous in one of Tony’s consulting rooms or in his office as everyone arrived. Invariably, and despite detailed instructions as to what was expected on the night being given to all attendees by Jane, some individuals would arrive late, prolonging my agony. Then, at last, the voices from the meeting room would become silent, Jane would come down the corridor to collect me and I would walk back with her into a now-hushed room, filled with people, sit down as Michael, and then...

...Joseph would stand up.

My legs would be locked into position and I would stay rooted to the spot, motionless from the waist down, for anything up to an hour and three quarters as I vacated my body and mind and Joseph moved in, opening with a little address, then inviting questions from the audience and answering them with his usual fact and information-packed eloquence and gentle humour.

At the end of each session Joseph, having invariably overrun my physical frame and mind to the point of complete exhaustion, would reluctantly vacate my body and I would be drawn back into it, my first returning sensation being that of extreme pain in both legs. I would subsequently, following a few seated moments to allow me to literally gather my senses and take a few sips of water, hobble off through the silent audience back to the consulting room, where a tray of sandwiches and a piece of chocolate cake would be waiting for me, courtesy of Tony. These I would devour like a man who hadn’t seen food for a week, bolting everything down without really tasting it in a frantic, almost instinctive quest to reacquire some physical and mental energy. On one occasion I remember peering into the mirror in my post-trace state, unable to recognise what I was seeing. On another I simply wanted to crouch in a foetal position behind the examination table in the room, shut my eyes and hide until I felt better... I might have been back in my body but I was definitely not myself. Following each demonstration it would take me at least a week to fully recover my wits and my energies – but the ultimate outcome would be the same – Joseph would have filled in some further blanks in our spiritual knowledge and his presence whilst doing so would be on record.

We held a demonstration in Ireland, where a very dark conference room in a hotel, completely devoid of spiritual energy, was quickly transformed into a chamber of light and power for the duration of the communication by our guides; and also in various other UK locations, at one of which the overhead lights were extinguished in a burst of high-pitched noise by the Field, and the transformer on our camcorder was fried, cutting short our visual recording. Our final public demonstration, back at the Sanctuary, and whilst not affecting the communication, was the subject of attack by negative forces, the consequences of which had a debilitating effect on us all for some weeks – Joseph was, after all, making available liberating spiritual knowledge that the world as it is did not want to ‘go public’. Such were the effects of that final demonstration that we decided the public communications were becoming too dangerous for us all and for me in particular, and that we would, from that point onwards, continue to bring through Joseph’s observations in private only, lest my health suffer too much.

By that stage we did, however, have a comprehensive visual and aural record of Joseph’s twelve public appearances, the transcriptions of which are the subject of this book. Each chapter is prefaced by details of the date and the place where that demonstration was held, plus a list of the topics discussed on that occasion. Inevitably, certain queries are raised more than once across the demonstrations, with members of the congregation at different locations and gatherings wanting in particular to understand more about ‘the Field’ and ‘the Fall’. In addressing these questions Joseph, however, always weaves further enlightening information into his answers so that the transcripts offer the reader a view of his mission that expands and becomes more comprehensive with each successive communication. We, therefore, feel you will discover something new and deeply thought-provoking in each communication, even on those occasions where variations of questions that have been addressed in earlier communications have been asked again. Also included at the end of the book are a number of additional questions asked of Joseph in closed Band of Light circle conditions by its members and never before published.

This book, then, is offered as an essential companion to the Band of Light’s other Joseph Communications titles, as a unique insight into the times when this highly-evolved spirit addressed an audience directly, and as a source of essential and life-changing spiritual perspectives at a time when this planet sorely needs such input.

As for myself, Jane, David and Tony, Joseph’s input into our lives and, via us, the lives of countless souls across the planet is still unfolding, and our connected journey continues. At the time of writing we continue to regularly sit in closed circle conditions to bring through additional information from him, and a further collection of liberating, essential, amazing spiritual insights is assembling itself, chapter by chapter, into a sixth book, due for publication as soon as energies and circumstance allow its remaining communications to be brought through and transcribed.

Many readers have expressed a desire for further information concerning myself and my life and the Band of Light’s activities. My answer to those requests has always been that it is the communications that are of importance, not me. I am simply a human being who has found himself at the centre of extraordinary events. I receive no dispensation from the challenges of life that are common to the human race at this time, and am simply the ‘instrument’, as Joseph calls me; the means of transmitting the information into this area of ‘reality’.

Of course, it’s me on the cover of this title a sense, that is. It’s my body and my face, but not, at the moment the photograph was taken, my consciousness. You’re looking at Joseph in that image... not his features, not his body, but his essence. Me – the spirit me... the real me, not the outer shell – is out of the picture at that point, allowing Joseph to take over and do what he does best: reacquaint people with their spiritual heritage and bring them knowledge that allows them to change themselves, and this world, for the better.


Michael G. Reccia
November, 2013