Your Life After Death

by Michael G. Reccia

If you only read one spiritual book in your lifetime, make it this one. 

Like it or not, life is a one-way street.

Each of us is going to die …or are we?

According to the ancient, highly evolved spirit Joseph life not only continues into the Infinite, but there are countless opportunities and wonders waiting for us beyond physical ‘death’.

This book presents what many feel to be the most comprehensive account ever written of just what lies in store for each of us when we leave the Earth and our physical bodies behind, delivered by an evolved spirit who has lived in an enlightened sphere of reality ‘beyond the veil’ for thousands of years.

Whether you are an earnest spiritual seeker or simply curious as to what comes next, Your Life After Death will prove a fascinating and enlightening read, by the end of which you’ll never look at the next life, or indeed, the one you’re living now, in quite the same way again.

Table of Contents

An Introduction by Michael
Terminology: ‘the Field’, ‘the Fall’ – a brief explanation
Chapter 1 - The Last Chapter
Chapter 2 - The Currents of the Soul – and the Astral Realms
Chapter 3 - Transition through the Buffer Zone to the Arrival Point
Chapter 4 - Destinations and the Intermediate Sphere of Cleansing
Chapter 5 - The Healing Sphere
Chapter 6 - Anger in the Spiritual Realms
Chapter 7 - The Life Review
Chapter 8 - The Nature of Appearance in the Spiritual Realms
Chapter 9 - Endeavour in the Entry Levels of the Higher Realms
Chapter 10 - Landscapes in the Entry Levels of the Higher Realms
Chapter 11 - Time in the Spiritual Realms
Chapter 12 - The Nature of the Spheres
Chapter 13 - The Sphere of Contemplation
Chapter 14 - Spirit Society and Group Souls
Chapter 15 - The Guiding Sphere
Chapter 16 - Unlimited Potential and the Higher Spheres
Chapter 17 - The Sphere of Communication with God
Chapter 18 - The Second Transition
Chapter 19 - Needs in the Higher Spheres
Chapter 20 - Love – A Different View of Life After Death


An Introduction by Michael

Concerning my friend Joseph:
an introduction

It’s strange now to think that, just a short few years ago, Joseph and myself hadn’t even met…

Correction. This ‘concerned observer of mankind’… this ‘spiritual scientist’… this ‘communicator on behalf of millions of enlightened, discarnate souls’ (there are so many appropriate terms I could use to describe him) had met me, in a manner of speaking, but I hadn’t consciously made his acquaintance at that time.

I’d better explain.

My public work as a spirit medium dates back to the mid-eighties, when I first began giving clairvoyant messages to individuals and groups. Fairly rapidly I became an in-demand source of spiritual communication, being booked to capacity two to three months in advance at any given time for personal readings. I travelled the length and breadth of the country to give demonstrations and lectures on various spiritual topics. I should have been happy. After all, I was using the gifts I’d been given. I’d turned my back on a lucrative career in order to do so, and considered what I was doing to absolutely be the one thing I was meant to be doing with my life, and of far greater importance than mere pounds, shillings and pence. People were, quite literally, beating a path to my door… so why on earth did I feel so unfulfilled?

Well, the messages that were delivered through me, whilst many and varied, and accurate and detailed, were hardly world changing. True, they gave comfort to the people they were directed to, and there could be little doubt in their minds, due to the amount of information given that could only be known to them, that they were indeed receiving communications from their loved ones and friends ‘on the other side’, but they left me, personally, aching to achieve so much more as a spiritual worker than circumstance allowed me to deliver at that point.

You see, from the time I first began my mediumistic development, I had wanted to understand not only how the gift of mediumship ‘worked’, but also why it existed, how this world was actually put together from a spiritual point of view, how the spirit ‘worlds’ or ‘spheres’ functioned, why things are as they are on Earth, and what awaits us beyond this physical life …and to share that knowledge with those who were seeking such insights.

Joseph provided answers to all those questions. How I began working with this wise and ancient discarnate spirit from a higher level of being (who had been linked to me ‘behind the scenes’ since my birth, waiting for that point in physical time when we could connect and challenge certain personal and world views together) and how I then progressed from clairvoyant delivery to trance communication, with Joseph completely taking over my faculties, is chronicled in the introduction to his first book, Revelation. I don’t, therefore, propose to cover old ground here. Suffice it to say that the type of spiritual communication coming through me changed dramatically as soon as Joseph and I consciously ‘linked up’ with each other, and that, within the space of a couple of years, he had delivered an extraordinary amount of information. This was gathered together first as Revelation, a book that, to my great satisfaction, actually does explain who and what we really are, why we are here and what we are capable of spiritually; and next as Illumination, a spiritual self-help manual that empowers its readers to apply principles that, when exercised religiously (no pun intended) actually work in slowly changing this completely insane and hell-bent world we live in at the moment into that harmonious paradise we dream about but have never quite seemed capable of achieving.

Joseph’s third book, the one you are beginning right now, answers the ‘biggie’ – the single, most scary, enormous question that unites all of us, in that at some stage in our lives each of us simply has to ask it:

‘What, if anything, comes next?’

Coming out of trance sessions I find I can remember little to nothing of what has transpired during the time Joseph has been speaking through me, so it is always a joy to read a Joseph transcription (Joseph’s words are recorded by the three other members of our ‘Band Of Light’, as Joseph describes it, the four of us sitting regularly to receive his communications) and to discover that, during the time I have been voluntarily ‘taken over’ and taken out of the picture, a phenomenal amount of vital information has been transmitted.

It was with particular delight, then, that I read the transcripts for this book. To say that Joseph had once again ‘delivered the goods’ would be an understatement. Here was a book that, in his characteristic, no-nonsense way, addressed the subject of life after death in illuminating and comprehensive detail, asking and answering the questions we all voice concerning the subject; answering questions we’d never thought of asking, and also turning on their head any preconceived ideas we might have about what actually does lie ahead for us – for you – once the physical body has been left behind.

Forget clouds and harps, obviously. Forget Heaven and Hell too. Forget the traditional views of punishment and reward. Forget certain occult assumptions that glibly quote a finite number of ‘levels of being’ beyond physical life and the reaching of a precise number of heavens, these beliefs confining and restricting the reality of the afterlife by the human need to make everything fit neatly into that fiercely calculating, but rarely comprehending, mental box that is the physical mind. Instead, here is a book that tells it like it is from outside of that box – with heart and from a high spiritual perspective. Here is a book written by someone who has personally walked and observed the various landscapes ‘beyond the veil’; a book suffused with spiritual input that applies to our lives in this world now as much as to the next, and that delivers that information in a succinct, contemporary way. There never have been any jarring ‘thees’ or ‘thous’, or airs or pretensions threaded through Joseph’s words… Nor would I expect there to be from a spirit intending to relate to twenty-first century life. Joseph cares not for himself and his past lives… but for you and your present one.

This book has been presented in exactly the way that Joseph delivered it, and where he sometimes hesitates when searching for the right words to illustrate complex concepts his attempts to turn the unseen into the readable and the understandable have been included in the text. This, I feel, makes him more human somehow… this, plus, of course, his sense of humour and obvious limitless love for mankind, which shine through every chapter.

Also, and although this is a very complete book on the subject in its own right, we invariably discover, as he sheds Light (with a capital L) onto more areas that were previously regarded as unfathomable spiritual mysteries, that Joseph has even more to tell us (life, the Universe and…well… everything is a vast topic, after all) and you will therefore, on occasion, note in the text that he refers to topics we have yet to receive from him and which, God willing, will be covered in future communications… Perhaps even in a companion book to this one.

Joseph always invites questions after each address he delivers within our little circle and these have also been included, as his detailed answers to them offer a wealth of further information of vital importance to the spiritual seeker.

Time for me to bow out now, much as I do when Joseph takes up temporary residence in my mind and body – and time for you to, literally, be transported to another world… or worlds, as I should more correctly say.

If you are changed in any way by your journey through this book and feel you would like to know more about the Joseph Communications, why not keep in touch with us? You can contact us via our website:

Michael G. Reccia
March 2011