When Did You Last ‘Phone Home’?

...Mobile phones are everywhere.

For some of us they seem to have become the entire focus and raison d’etre of our lives. Disturbingly and repeatedly I have witnessed mothers steering prams through traffic with one hand on the pram and the other frantically texting; couples in restaurants paying more attention to their emails than they do to each other, and youngsters spending much of their precious time with virtual ‘friends’ instead of interacting face to face with real ones.

So, and in light of the above, be honest with me...

When did you last ‘phone home’?

And no, I’m not talking about checking up on mum or dad or your partner or your children (although that’s an excellent idea, of course). What I’m asking is when did you last turn off the mobile, the computer, the tablet, the television, the iTunes, the Facebook pages and the Twitter feed and spend a few minutes aligning yourself with the divinity that flows through you?

Can we honestly say that all the nifty tech we spend so much of our time on earth with makes us any happier? Can your mobile, for example, uplift you if you are grieving or depressed? At the push of a button will your computer come up with a perfect way forward for you when you have a life-changing decision to make? Does the amusing picture of a cat on a skateboard you’ve seen on social media today help you to evolve and illuminate you as to your place in the universe, the path you are on and your capabilities as the spiritual being you really are?

I’m not suggesting that you should abandon your tech. What I am suggesting, however, is that its usefulness to you as an evolving soul needs to be considered and put into perspective. ...What Joseph suggests and recommends throughout his series of The Joseph Communications books is that some of your time should be spent each day in the quiet, purposely steering the mind away from the relentless clamour of this world and steering the heart during that time inwards, to your centre, to your divinity, where strength and guidance and direction can be sought out and received to help you understand yourself and navigate this journey we call life.

Here are some of Joseph’s observations on the subject:

‘Man needs a reseating of the intelligence within the human body from the head, which is merely a calculator, to the heart, which proceeds from the heart of God’

and again:

‘The heart mind answers all. Do you think that God would leave you here without a connection back to him?’

and finally:

‘As a human being you contain within you all the building blocks you need to create whatever you want to create - to build a different society, to heal society, to heal yourself, to bring yourself to new frontiers of knowledge, to change the face of this Earth. All that potential is contained within you.’

...Now isn’t that amazing? What Joseph is saying is that we each have a constant, unbreakable connection to our source within us - a connection that, if ‘dialled up’ regularly, can help us negotiate the tough challenges we each face in life; can make us aware of there being a spiritual level to our consciousness; can heal us from within, and can give us access to the Light-power we need to reshape society and the world for the better.

Have you ever considered the fact that you are such a powerful being? I would guess not... but you are. By connecting regularly with your source you are capable of not only finding the strength and the wisdom to solve the challenges that arise in your own life, but also of taking an active part in bringing Light into this world to finally and forever banish from the earth the violence, pain and power-seeking that have corrupted what was intended to be a paradise into the dysfunctional and destructive ‘reality’ we see around us today.

All this from a few minutes spent daily in quiet contemplation and meditation? Yes, indeed! You’ll be amazed how rewarding those moments spent getting to know yourself and your source can be. How empowering. How life-changing. How illuminating. But in order to reap their benefits you have to actively spend time seeking out and connecting with the God within. And you can’t do that while this world is keeping you entranced with its many distractions - one of which is that small, black rectangle of tricks that seduces so many of us into being glued to its screen, day and night... sometimes to the exclusion of all else.

In short, the only way to tune in is to decide to tune out of here for some serious and dedicated ‘God-time’ each day.


Are you brave enough and committed enough to make that call home each day? If you are, then be prepared for change... because, believe me, the daily input you receive in exchange for your dedication will by comparison eventually make your mobile seem like nothing more than what it really is... a small piece of black plastic with some pretty lights.

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

For nearly 40 years trance medium Michael G. Reccia has served as a conduit for spiritual insights and communication from higher vibrations of reality. In 2005, he forged a connection with Joseph, a discarnate spokesperson for a vast group soul of evolved and concerned spirits intent on delivering a vital and urgent message to mankind. From that time onwards Michael and fellow Band of Light members, Tony, Jane, and David, have dedicated their lives to accurately receiving, recording and compiling Joseph’s messages into a series of eight powerful volumes known as The Joseph Communications. Michael regards the delivery and promotion of The Joseph Communications as his life ‘mission', and a pivotal contribution to the elevation of individual and global spiritual consciousness.