World Meditation Days

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Simply make an appointment with your favourite armchair, turn off anything that is likely to ring or go bleep, join in from the start times, close your eyes, relax and know that for those fifteen-minute periods you are linked to the God-within, to Joseph and the soul group and to each other in Love (no physical link-up necessary - connect with us in spirit). Visualise and see Light radiating out from your heart centres and infusing the Earth, the present troubles, the virus, those who are sick and those who make decisions for us. Send out your Light unconditionally and witness its brilliance enveloping, restoring, infusing, cleansing and transforming every aspect of society.

At the end of each fifteen minute session gently return your consciousness to Earth, close your principal chakras (or ask the God-within to do so for you) then enjoy the rest of your day.