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Less Is More: Releasing Hurts Through Forgiveness.

Perspective based upon the Joseph Communications.

by Michael G. Reccia, Joseph’s trance medium.

We recently received a letter from a reader.  This person has read all of Joseph’s books and advised us that, whilst they could send out Light and love to a great percentage of mankind, they found themselves completely unable and unwilling to direct God-Light to those they felt had hurt them in the past.  They felt similar about those who contribute to damaging this world and making it such a violent, cruel place.

Let’s consider this for a moment, class…

…Hands up all those who have never been hurt by anyone.

Hmmm… As one would expect, there isn’t a single hand in the air.

Because, of course, you’ve been hurt. I’ve been hurt. Everyone’s been hurt. Both in small ways and in huge, awesome and potentially devastating ways.

What’s important is how we deal with those perceived hurts, as we always have a choice.

We can either forgive, forget, throw out each hurt with the trash and move on, or we can nurture and revisit them.  We can make a travelling companion of them and drag them along with us wherever we go.  Perhaps we can even choose to wheel them out periodically as an excuse to justify why we haven’t achieved what we hoped we’d achieve in life, and why life has unfolded itself, as we see it, in such an unfulfilling way around us.

If we choose the former course of action, we liberate and empower ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. If the latter, then not only do we limit ourselves and slow ourselves down with regard to what we can achieve as we journey through life (due to us hauling along with us mental baggage we should have let go of years ago, and which demands our attention and our energy) we also unwittingly place ourselves in peril with regard to our future wellbeing.

Here’s a sobering and frightening aspect of spiritual physics to consider: each time we revisit a hurt, each time we reinvest in it, hold it to ourselves, glorify it, justify it – enjoy it, even, because we are familiar with it and unwilling to let it go – we reconnect with its original effect on us. It tears and claws at our body and our mind and our life with exactly the same amount of destructive force it had on the day we first experienced it. Whether that day was a year ago or a lifetime ago.

Hurts fester. They gnaw away at us. They restrict, debilitate, and unbalance us;  their effects with the passage of time eventually, in many cases, cause us to become dysfunctional to a degree.

And then sick.

And then worse.

It frees us, it reenergises us and it allows us to move on. It also frees the other person or persons involved in each of our perceived hurts so that they stop unknowingly reconnecting to us and being bound

to us on a subconscious, psychic level, liberating them and allowing them to move on and to evolve spiritually too.

And talking of moving on – once we have become brave enough to forgive and to let go, we also begin to realize that everyone on this planet is hurt and that everyone in this world is suffering and wounded – not just us.

We begin to see that being selective with regard to who we send out the Light to restricts our ability to change this world for the better because we are automatically (and ironically) excluding those who need the Light the most – those souls who have most need of the transforming, illuminating power of God-Light, channeled unconditionally from our heart centers, to enable them to elevate their perception from the darkness that currently holds and directs and imprisons them.

We also begin to realise another fact.  If we won’t consider reaching out and creating an atmosphere of enlightenment around those souls for their benefit, the rest of mankind, and the future of our planet, in so being selective, judgmental, condemning thus helping to perpetuate and maintain the dark, our Light work isn’t effective as Light work at all.

I’ll leave you in far better hands than mine, with a few words on the subject from Joseph:

‘Each morning is a blank slate. What are you then going to create today? Are you going to create a world that damages you and damages other people? Or are you going to create a world that uplifts you, that brings you closer to God in thinking, that helps you to remember who you are, that allows you to extend Light and love to people …and them to give it back to you?’


‘The world is given opportunities every day to love, but it prefers instead to hate. Souls are given opportunities to love people in hospitals, in prisons, within their family circles and to love themselves, to bring through Light …but they ignore them.’

and, finally…

‘Love each other, love the world, love the difficult areas particularly …and you will change things.’

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