Crucial trance communications of huge significance
to all souls in these pivotal times.

'The Persian Gentleman’, a key member of - and communicator from - Joseph’s soul group addresses all humanity - clairvoyance turns to trance to allow him to deliver this crucial message from the afterlife.

Spirit communicator Joseph places the means to change the world and liberate yourself and humanity in your hands. In part one of a new three-part trance session Joseph offers you a powerful spiritual gift.


Band of Light World Meditation days with Joseph and his soul group.

- An opportunity to live the Joseph message, connect with like-minded souls and take positive action in a world that needs your help.


The Bigger Picture on the Meria Heller Show.

This episode was recorded on 9th December 2020.

Topics discussed include: Fear is the new “god”; false prophets and how to recognize them; stop looking for saviors, leaders; our minds are being preyed upon; listen to your heart; dreamtime is getting longer; what to do energetically about authority; countering unwanted procedures; the goal of altering our DNA is control and fear; uptick in violence as we get close to the point of no return; what does 'Christian’ mean; next life after death; unseen forces on the planet; don’t be afraid; what are you attracting?; be the exception to the rule; spiritual truth; living from your edge instead of your core…, and lots more.


An Introduction by Joseph

(The following excerpt is taken from The Joseph Communications: Revelation - who you are, why you're here)

I have lived on your Earth many times... I was not always a spiritual man. I, as much as any other soul, went through lifetimes when I was not aware that I was a soul; lifetimes in which I viewed the universe from the standpoint of individuality and believed it to be so; lifetimes when I thought I was at the whim of a cruel universe; lifetimes when I looked in a mirror and actually believed that what I saw was truly me...

But something made me turn my back on the Earth plane… It was pointed out to me that there were many things wrong with the Earth plane and that souls were returning there for the wrong reasons; that they were not learning; that they had become trapped in a cycle of existence and had made gods of things that weren’t God – things that didn’t matter. They had turned their backs on the true  God …the God that was within them.

When I arrived in the spirit realms, I was made aware of the origins of Creation, the reasons for the Earth being there and the nature of man and of his soul. It is my intention to give you some indication of your abilities as a child of God. You may not like some of my answers but all I can say to you is that, with my hand on my spiritual heart at my centre, I have researched, tried and tested and believed every word I have given to you. I am not an agent for darkness; I am working for the Light. I ask you to test and to prove for yourself everything that I have said to you, and if you find me lacking in any area then reject what I have said.

An Introduction by Michael G. Reccia

What readers are saying about the Joseph Communications...

I have read too many spiritual books to count and I have never come across a communication like this. Every single word in the Joseph Communications resonates with me deeply, I know without a doubt that the source of these communications is Divine in every sense of the word. I am so grateful to Michael and Joseph for bringing this heart-warming message to us all.

Lynette Y.

Joseph’s teachings resonate deep within my soul. There is hope where there was once despair and there is clarity where there was once confusion. Joseph’s inspiration and enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you, Joseph, from the bottom of my heart.

Alan R. W.

I am finding so much in the books that confirms what I've been thinking and feeling for so long, and they encapsulate so much real truth that they make all my other books seem irrelevant.

Kate H.

The books are amazing and my life has changed above and beyond anything I expected. They confirmed and consolidated so much that I felt and thought even as a young child and I feel blessed and grateful that a friend recommended them to me.

Jenni G.

I have shelves and shelves of books on spirituality that I have read over the last 30 years. It is as if I have been putting a spiritual jigsaw puzzle together and Joseph's books put the final pieces in place and at last I can see the whole picture. Unless Joseph has another book I will not be buying any more books on spirituality as I don't need to.

Jean W.

The information brings together so much in relation to my studies, questions, thoughts, feelings throughout my life. I work in the area of religion/spirituality and am both astounded (yet not!) and deeply heartened by the message of Joseph. Thank you.

Helen M.