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Michael Reccia About him page.

Michael George Reccia has worked as a spirit medium for over thirty years, originally taking regular services for spiritualist churches throughout the UK, lecturing and holding workshops at a variety of venues and conducting private reading sessions for individuals at his home, together with international ‘remote postal readings‘ that involved him in sitting in an empty room with a photograph of the ‘sitter’ then recording the messages that came to him from the spirit worlds on behalf of that person.

Eleven years ago, as his mediumship began to evolve from clairvoyance to trance (he still retains his clairvoyant abilities), he made a link with Joseph and began to bring through the Joseph Communications. Initially that link between him and Joseph was a clairvoyant one, but, during Joseph’s transmissions for the second book, Illumination, it developed into a deeper – trance – connection, with Michael vacating his physical mind and body during each communication session so that Joseph could use Michael’s facilities to deliver his addresses directly to the Band of Light and, via them, to the world.

Michael regards the delivery and promotion of the Joseph Communications as his life’s ‘mission’, and as his most important contribution to the elevation of spiritual consciousness during his time spent working as a medium. He hopes to see the Joseph Communications recognised and read increasingly across the world. Michael hates the word ‘channeler’ as he feels the material put out under that label across the world varies from the sublime to the ridiculous, and regards himself instead as a simple but spiritually disciplined conduit through which the messages of Joseph and the thoughts and observations of other high spirit guides can flow.

When not in a trance state or recovering from one Michael loves: Jane, mankind, his fellow BOL members, art, animals, eating out, film, making models, reading …and finding the time to occasionally pause to draw breath and smell the flowers.