Many Voices, One Mission


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Joseph’s soul group is waiting to inspire you…

For over a decade Joseph’s Communications books have offered a practical, no-nonsense approach to life and spirituality, examining our journey beyond physical death and addressing this vitally important moment in our here and now, empowering us to make much-needed positive change, personally and globally.

Joseph is the spokesperson and conduit for the teachings and observations of a vast ‘group soul’ – a commune of millions of evolved discarnate spirits deeply concerned for our wellbeing and future prospects.

Now, a new Communications title – Many Voices, One Mission – introduces and gives voice to some of the key members of Joseph’s group, gathering together for the first time powerful lectures delivered over many years to Michael and his life partner Jane.

Its 480 pages also offer fascinating insights into how Michael and Jane’s daily lives have been affected and shaped by the sudden, regular appearance of messengers from the spirit realties that co-exist with this one.

Themed sections – Life’s Journey, Aspects of the Afterlife, The Sacred Earth, Spiritual Science, Connections, Co-Creation and Health and Healing – feature addresses and wisdom from Joseph’s soul group colleagues and workers – and transcripts of Michael’s first two public trance demonstrations are also included.

An inspiring stand-alone volume and an essential companion to the Joseph Communications, Many Voices, One Mission offers encouragement, reassurance, practical exercises, a profound understanding of the human condition and Light-infused revelations to counter our increasingly materialistic and isolating age.

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