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Over a period of three years the highly-evolved spirit communicator Joseph was asked more than 150 questions ‘live’ by those attending twelve remarkable public trance demonstrations.

His illuminating, eloquent answers are now available as a huge 448-page book – Trance Mission – in which Joseph touches upon and expands our understanding of a wide range of spiritual topics including:

  • pre-destiny and choice
  • the nature of time
  • natural disasters
  • Indigo children
  • meditation techniques
  • God
  • the future of the planet
  • aliens
  • reincarnation
  • angels
  • past-life baggage
  • sexual energy
  • healing
  • the Bible
  • animals
  • infant mortality
  • ascension
  • the reason for accidents

…and many more.

As with each Joseph title, Trance Mission‘s contents are shot through with his refreshingly no-nonsense approach to spirituality. Highly illuminating, deeply spiritual and presenting practical information on every page, Trance Mission also gives a unique insight into Joseph’s background and relationship with his ‘instrument’ Michael, and will immerse all who read it in the unique and irresistible atmosphere of his public trance appearances.

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ISBN 978-1906625-06-1
Paperback. 448 pages plus 8 page colour photograph section. 

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